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First of all some information about the clan:


Clan name:



Why did i choose for that name?

I actually have no idea.

I just wanted something funny's so here you are.


Do i have a clan dojo?

YES!!! Of course i have one!

I'm still decorating it and adding new rooms, But later i hope it's going to look really cool.


Do you need to be a certain level to join our clan?

No why would you need to be that?

Everyone is welcome (and receives a warm welcome to).


Has this clan got a website?

No. But i'm still working on it. everybody in the clan knows it if it's done.


Are there much people in this clan?

only 5 right now.

But if everyone leaves a comment with his ingame name than i hope we can get a cool clan!


Is this a serious clan or like a buddy clan?

Actually, it's both. I hope we can get to the top as far we can. And i created this clan to have fun with each other and getting past every single level with each other!

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