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Baruuks head clips through Cobra & crane's shield (+3 more)


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As you can see, Baruuks head clips through the shield of cobra & crane. I'm also only seeing this with Baruuk, other frames have the shield tilted a bit more forward.


While I'm making this post, I might as well post some more issues I found:



Excalibur, amongst other frames have their right arm clip through opticor, example above.




The parazon is obviously not in the right position here. this one happened every time I beat a kuva lich, but I haven't done that recently so I don't know if it's still there. If I'm seeing it correctly, it's also only the base of the parazon hovering in that position, the rest is nowhere to be found.





As is probably obvious, the orbiter tends to clip through extraction on this tile in neptune. So far I've seen it happen every time I was there.

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Also, his arm clips through the shield. That doesn't just apply to Cobra & Crane, but also to most other Shields, including skins. 


Poor Baruuk, can't even hold his signature weapon right ;)


I just noticed that he doesn't just hold the shields in a weird angle, the whole shield is completely flipped. On most shields it looks at worst kind of strange, but it gets hilarious with the Ack & Brunt:


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