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Ash Bladestorm Rework Idea!


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I know that it just looks awesome and is actually pretty effective,but with this idea I hope to keep it awesome,but making it more faster and dynamic.

When you press 4,Ash will put out his dual blades,and start spinning around,his movement speed is increased by 15%.

If he comes into contact with an enemy,that enemy is dealt 750 damage per second.

Any thoughts on this?

If you like this idea,why not upvote it?

Thanks for reading,Tenno.

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I dunno about your idea, but I definately don't like that I have to commit to Bladestorm when I use it. For example, sometimes when playing Ash and a teammate is downed, I instinctively press 4 as that's usually an AoE massive damage ability. For Bladestorm, I haven't even finished the animation by the time my squadmate has bled out.


While you look pretty badass doing the animation, I think the mobility and time that Bladestorm removes from you is not worth the damage and invincibility it gives.

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Personally, I think they should ditch the animations altogether. They look good, but the ability simply cannot compete when it has such a long completion time. There's nothing like firing off Blade Storm at 20 guys, and by your third kill, the rest are dead because of Nova, Ember, Heavy Impact and half a dozen other abilities.


Even if it'd make Bladestorm like a lot of other Radial AoEs, at least it would be on par with them for the execution time. Besides, Bladestorm actually pulls me out of game when I use it, because I just sit back for 5 to 10 seconds and watch stuff happen. Powers shouldn't make players feel disconnected from the game, and Blade Storm does just that. A faster executing ability that doesn't take control from the player trumps fancy animations for me, any day of the week.

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I instinctively press 4 as that's usually an AoE massive damage ability.


This itself is not good. '4' should not be a generic AoE damage ability for every warframe. For me, having the frames be different is more important than equally viable, although it is a close second. I'm ok with Ash not having an '4' panic button that's useful for a downed teammate.


However, there should be a greater payoff from BladeStorm given the long animation compared to those that are instant. Ash being invulnerable isn't enough. There is also the problem that your teammates often finish off the red targets long before bladestorm gets to them. One idea for bladestorm would be an immediate stun on all the red enemies that lasts until the end of the animation.

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I like the idea of having more control over Ash while he's using bladestorm and having hitting "4" result in pulling out his Blades. 


It is annoying when a friend goes down just as you start Bladestorm and then she's already all but bled out by the time you're done.


And can be a bit boring while you're using it potentially lasts a long time during which there is nothing to do (though this problem obtains equally for Volt and Nyx and others --- and at least in the case of Ash compared to those other guys, there are those very purdy animations to look at).


An idea that might not be too much work for DE and that would retain much of the spirit and effect of the power would be that hitting "4" makes Ash pull out his blades, and grants Ash Volt like superspeed. If Ash hits the attack button, he immediately teleports to the nearest enemy and Bladestorm attacks him (and then teleports back again? Or would we want to get rid of this) just like he currently does -- and if the attack button is held down, he does so again. In this way, if you use Bladestorm and just hold down the attack button, it would still react more or less the exact way that it does now. But!  You could open up different strategic or non-offensive options, and also have more control over your next target if you elect to use some of your precious Bladestorm duration time getting into a different position. This would also synergize well with Smoke Bomb for running for down-to-the-wire  life support capsules or extractions.   



...  at the very least, give us the option of typing during Bladestorm.


P.S.  : but please DON'T scrap the animations. They are among my favourite animations in the game and a big part of why I love Ash and what makes Ash unique.

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