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Allow us to choose which "version" of ability appearances we want to use

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Various frames (notably primes) have differing appearances of certain abilities (notably primes, and a few deluxes)

We should be able to select which version of a frame's abilities we want to use via the Abilities screen in the Arsenal

For example, this would allow you to choose if you wanted your Rhino Prime to use the Normal, Prime, or Palatine version of Iron Skin

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I've been bothered by this for quite a while.

Most recently when trying to use Octavia Prime's default skin and finding that you can't use the default rollerball. Well there goes my plan to do a Grineer themed loadout for her. Also the same issue with Mesa prime and Ivara prime's default skins only to find that you can't use the default appearances for their exalted pistols and bow.

Would be great to be able to choose the ability "skins" like Hydroid's kraken, Inaros' sarcophagus, Nidus Phryke's larva, etc. Maybe even open the door for more custom ability skins in the future.

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