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Dojo Decorators Wishlist


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Here is my little wishlist regarding the Dojo decorating aspect of the game, feel free to add your own as well:

1. Doorways and doors that open and close that also have a lock option.

2. More animated decorations (swaying, spinning etc.)

3. A greater veriety of Grineer architecture.

4. Placeble NPC's and Kuva Liches.

5. Home style decorations, for example, tables, chairs, wardrobes, beds, vases, shelves ect.

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- Aquarium decorations so I can build a massive aquarium that also allows me to add the fish I've caught in open worlds! Would love to see them all swimming around in a tank bigger than the one in my orbiter.
- Option to choose which Warframe is displayed in the trophy room.(been requested already mind you)
- No clip on decorations. 
- Option to remove any part of the dojo instead of only in the order they were built...

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  1. Ability to choose clip/no clip on decorations (i like some to be on teh surfce and some clipping through) currently its very inconsisitent which parts are clipable.
  2. Ability to Copy multiple decorations together (grouping) so you dont have to do the same complex thing that took you nearly 3 hours again.
  3. Animating your decorations in simple geometric patterns (rotate , swing , slide etc.)
  4. Ability to copy whole rooms / move rooms.

These are the things i wish we had each time i start on a project.


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Ostron decorations in the same way we got Fortuna/Entrati decorations.
Grineer decorations as was mentioned, but particularly scrubbed from the Sealab tileset.
Glass. Just... more glass.
A water surface decoration, either simply of a determined size, or one which extends its edges until it finds collision.
An atmospheric similar to the beacon atmospheric, but one which is not simply a billboard facing flat texture, but can be rotated to different angles and scaled meaningfully. (bonus points if it can be recolored)
And this thing...

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