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The Gradivus Dilemma Has Ended, Tenno

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I have intercepted a message from the Corpus board to Alad V. They have grown tired of bankrolling Alad V's war effort and have withdrawn their funding. This has left Alad with no other option than retreat. Sargas Ruk is already readying his victory speech. This battle is over.


You have all done well. Those of you who supported the Grineer have given me the time I needed to locate our sleeping comrades. A recovery team is already travelling to retrieve their cryopods. Those that supported The Corpus have slowed Grineer aggression. Though the Grineer ultimately emerged victorious, they did so at great cost.


The time for partnerships with these warlords has ended. We are no longer forced to support them in their petty conflicts. We must return to our stated goal of bringing balance to the solar system.


The Lotus

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I did not expect such blissful conclusion from this dilemma. It has been uncomfortable fighting alongside treacherous enemies though profits were made but they did not begin to numb the pain knowing the Grineer army is growing even stronger with resources from Mars and Zanuka project is delayed but still underway.


Alad V said he had grand plans for the captives, I am sure we have grand plan for him too, as a martyr.


Time to head back to dojo and sort through battlepays..



~ntyd1s, Warlord of Yamazaki Mercenaries, at your service.

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