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I have too many cosmetics


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I have a bunch of cosmetics that I don't use, either they were acquired as part of a bundle or I just don't like them as much as I used to. I'm someone who likes to keep his inventories small for quick and easy menu surfing, I will gladly sell off rare or hard to get items that I don't care about if it means cleaning up my lists. But you can't sell cosmetics, so I'm stuck with everything I've acquired over the years bloating my inventory of armor parts and syandanas.

My suggestion is an option to hide specific items from your arsenal lists. This was inspired by an Xbox feature. On Xbox if I navigate to my library of games I get 3 separate lists; installed, ready to install, and hidden. Ready to install lists games that I own but don't currently have installed, if I mark one of those games as hidden it is removed from that list and put in the hidden list. This makes browsing my owned games much easier as I can hide all the games I don't care about somewhere else but still find them later if I want to. I'd love to have something similar in Warframe.


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