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Call of the Tempestarii: Hotfix 30.0.7


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Thank you for making the Epitaph Bp tradeable.

Any news on the future of void storm missions? They really need a buff to be worth it.
And the grineer one need an increased corrupted/ reactant spawn, otherwise you can't open relic in 75% of all runs.

And can we have a talk/workshop about how you decide which WF to unvault? Many expected Loki and not Chroma:

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5 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

The Hydroid statue in the Larunda Relay now reacts with Mastery Rank 30 Blessings! For those who don’t know, when Blessing in the appropriate Relay the statue changes to reflect your current Warframe!

There are still cases where the Blessings do not appear for anyone or the player who used the Blessing in the first place. It's likely due to players loading into the Relay and/or lower end PC's.

6 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed cases where the Relay Blessing UI did not appear for some players

I'll see if the Blessing UI appears more consistently for my 12 year old setup.

Any plans to change the Defense tile for the Corpus Ship? It's notoriously slow.

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  • Total game fps depends on orbiter scins/decorations and even bacis animation
  • Total game fps depends on ship-loading-screen skins (liset-arklight)
  • Total game fps depends on view from the cockpit window control - "railjack view" planets more lighter then basic missions
  • liset-arklight skin not optimized
  • Being host of 4 member party on deimos and have norma-high priority to warframe process give mouase lags + mouse-to-slow(shuttering) after 1 hour game play 
      Fix is - set priority (below normal) wich give free mouse but it low loading speed of party members
  • dry dock is not optimized and overloaded with decorations in the dojo. It renders all space on the railjack settings menu = so :
    1. fps down
    2. menu lags
    3. mouse lags
    4. mouse go slow(shuttering) like in paragraph 1 (until set below normal piority)
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