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Warframe lags after Tempestarii update


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I have a problem since the Tempestarii update. Whenever i start the game i got terrible lags.

I tried to reduce my graphic settings but there isnt any change. Its not my internet because when i am alone at home

lags are strong too. Earlier i could play missions but now its gotten rly bad i cant start the planet map without hard lag.

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Did you update your Graphics Card driver recently?

Did you turn on any of the new graphic features in the launcher? The "classic" settings run well on older PCs, while the newer ones will melt them.

Here are the recommended settings for older PCs, please note that DirectX12 is still in Beta and should probably be turned back to 11 even if you got a high end PC.



The next thing might help you, but it also can do nothing, depending on when you first installed this game.

Navigate to

C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\NV_Cache

close Warframe and delete EVERYTHING your system allows you to delete in there, you will get a few minor hitches when you start the game again, but after a while it should run much smoother than before.

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