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I definitely got robbed (even if it was a small thing).


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 My plan today was farming on Deimos. I started  just before 1:30 pm. I checked my 2x resource booster. It said I had 4 hrs left. This seemed fine because I checked it at around 10:30 pm last night and it said I had 22hr left. This means the booster should have been active until, at the least, 5:00 pm.  At around 2:20 pm, I finished my session. The loot was fine (2x). I left the game to idle so that I could attend to a few chores. When I returned, after no more than 20 min., the game had froze. I reset the game. Before returning to my farming session, I checked on the remaining booster time. The booster was gone, robbing me of 2-3 booster hrs.. I know its not much, but it still sucks. And now I don't trust the timer enough to even buy another booster. If I purchase a 36 hr booster, will I receive all 36 hrs? Or just 33 hrs? Not a good look DE. Please, do better. I want you to succeed. "This ain't it, Jack."

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