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  • Different color schemed ludoplex machines, like what was done for domestic drones
  • Kirby/ Sonic the Hedgehog hybrid Grendel game for ludoplex, fighting Vay Hek at the end of the area in varying terra frames
  • Bounty hunting, not quite assassination or capture, doesn't have to be difficult end game content.
  • Special rare species conservation expeditions, adding a forth variant to conservation targets, maybe a few a day can be accepted like Simaris targets on respective planets. More elaborate hunt, different rewards
  • Uninfected Eidolon Plains Kavats (maybe kubrow breeds too), day time, can be tamed like Predesites and Vulpaphla on Deimos
  • Kubrodon skins for Kubrow from The Business, like how K-Drive skins are sold on Deimos
  • Small Baro return timer decoration to track Baro's arrival in the orbiter or dojo, sold by Baro
  • Fix/Option to change Rhino Prime's Iron Skin's appearance when using other skins, I don't know if it's a bug that it doesn't appear right or if it's intentionally styled as non prime Iron Skin
  • Option to disable the ability to rush foundry in the options, I'm prone to mistakes...
  • Similar to decorate orbiter mode, a mode to list every item in your orbiter and highlight where it is even through walls, with the updates to the orbiter a few things may have got lost in the walls and I don't want to reset the room
  • Separate coloring options for the doors and small walkways connected to them in the clan dry dock
  • Some way to earn the old Eidolon Plains fishing recipes again. It feels wrong missing only a few. Maybe clan research for bringing a large amount of relevant fish, a fishing tourney event, reward table for some kind of daily fishing challenge? Idk but I want them. lol
  • More spice decorations from the Eidolon Plains



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