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Smite Infusion ignoring energy color


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The visual effects caused by Smite Infusions buff to the player are partially ignoring the Warframes energy color. While the elemental effect applied to a melee weapon for example conforms to that weapons energy color just fine, there is also a lightning/static effect around the right hand of the Warframe. This effect seems to always be a light, whitish green.
Is this an oversight or intended?


I checked the similar ability augment for Volt, Shock Trooper, as he produces a very similar "hand lightning effect" - and the effect on his hand changes with Warframe energy color just fine. I do not yet have the means to check for the subsumed variants of the abilities though, so I can't say if they are affected as well.

Edit: I just found out, that Frost augment, Freeze Force, has the same issue, energy color for the small ice cloud part of the animation is ignored.

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