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some bugs i found - wukong auto fire, certain objects clipping making missions failed, mandachord song not changed, etc


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1. my wukong prime often firing nukor by itself after using skill 2 / cloud walker. easily replicable bug. highly annoying and may cause alarm during spy missions. occurs a few days before update 30 if i'm not wrong.

2. unable to enter datamass (press x) to control panel on mobile defense. had to give the datamass to other teammate. happened 2-3 times. one of it occurs on orokin lua tileset.

3. dropping the datamass on the floor will cause the item to fell down / clipping through the floor for 3-6 meters, making players almost unable to grab it. will reappear above the floor slightly and then fell down / clipping through the floor again multiple times. happened on orokin lua tileset.

4. octavia's mandachord song presets refused to be changed. relogging or restarting game client won't fix it until it magically changed by itself.

5. can't use octavia's first and second skill on certain parts of grineer sealab tileset / uranus. energy drained but there's no skill effects, no music, and no skill time shows up on the bottom right of the hud.

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