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Hypnos, the Dreamer Frame


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I had this idea while playing Loki in a survival mission. I felt like all of his abilities except his invisibility didn't have any good synergy with the rest of his kit, even though I think his decoy and disarm are cool as concept, which lead me to think of ways I could design a frame with clones and an disabling AoE to play well. As is probably to be expected of this method of designing him, I drew a lot of inspiration from abilities on other frames that I felt were underutilized in the kits they were trapped in. I focused on giving most of his abilities unique Synergies. Also, I'm not great at making balanced/powerful enough numbers. I put what I felt was fair in each ability, but I am 100% open to suggestion

Anyway, let's get started


This is Hypnos, the dreamer. Controlling the thin veil between reality and fantasy, Hypnos specializes in confusing, controlling, and dominating the enemy. Keep your eye on him, tenno; even the grandest dreams can quickly turn to a nightmare with him.


Passive: Well Rested

While inactive (which means anytime he is not moving or unable to move, such as when he is knocked down), Hypnos will regenerate health and energy at a rapid rate (probably ~10 health/s and ~5 energy/s). In addition, instead of entering bleed out when downed, Hypnos will instead enter a “sleeping” mode. When he enters this mode, his shields will be automatically restored, and he will begin regenerating health. If he is able to fully restore his health, then he will automatically be revived. If the enemies manage to get him back to 0 health, then he dies. All the abilities Hypnos had cast before he was downed will remain active, and he can still be revived by allies in the normal way.


1st ability: Dream Eater (25 energy)

Hypnos consumes the dreams of all enemies in a cone AoE in front of him, with a (5/6/8/10) meter radius. Any enemies hit by this ability are hit by (400/500/600/800) void damage and debuffed, causing them to deal (20%/35%/45%/60%) less damage. In addition, Hypnos is buffed for each enemy hit by this ability, increasing his energy efficiency by 5% for (3/4/5/6) seconds for each enemy hit, to a maximum of 50% for 50 seconds.

Stat Effects:

Duration: Increases the max duration of Hypnos’s buff

Range: increases the range of the AoE

Strength: Increases the damage of the AoE, the amount enemies are debuffed by, and the max amount of Hypnos’ buff


2nd ability: Fever dream (50 energy)

Hypnos loads the environment with dreams, creating (6/8/12/15) clones which propagate over a (8/12/15/20) meter radius. The clones attract enemy fire, and will absorb all damage dealt to them with a (1.0/1.0/1.5/1.5)x multiplier, for use with his 3rd ability. The clones will last for (10/15/20/30) seconds, but the duration can be reset by holding the ability button while clones are still active (this will consume half the energy of initially casting).

Stat Effects

Duration: increase duration and number of clones

Range: increases the size of the radius

Strength: increases the multiplier for absorbed damage


3rd ability: Sleep Paralysis (25 energy)

Hypnos rips a tear into the fabric between reality and fantasy, pulling nearby enemies into a dreamstate and draining 3 energy/s. Any enemy within a (4/6/8/10) meter radius of the tear will be lulled to sleep. In addition, any enemy affected by the tear will be targeted and attacked by the clones created by fever dream. The clones will attack the enemies with the same weapon Hypnos had when he summoned them, in addition to a damage bonus equal to the amount of damage stored. Multiple tears can be cast at once, but the drain of the ability will increase for each one placed. Holding the ability button will close all active tears. While this ability is active, well rested will no longer regenerate energy, but will instead negate the ability drain while Hypnos is inactive.

Stat Effects

Duration: reduces the energy drain

Range: increases the radius of the sleep effect

Strength: No real effect


4th ability: Nightmare Realm (100 energy)

Hypnos releases his hold on the veil, fully opening the divider between life and dreams and letting the darkest parts of fantasy run wild. Activating this ability will create a (8/12/15/20) meter radius around Hypnos, as well as convert the AoE of all active tears Hypnos has active around the map and buff the damage of all of his clones for (8/10/12/15) seconds. Any enemy caught in either Hypnos's or the tears' AoE will be attacked by their own nightmares, causing them to be stunlocked, stripping off (50%/65%/80%/100%) of armor/shields and dealing tick damage based off a percentage of their health (I'm not sure for this one, probably ~5-8% for max rank?). When enemies are killed within the abilities AoE, their nightmares are collected by Hypnos, which turns into energy once the ability runs out (~15 energy per enemy killed).

ALTERNATE: instead of a duration, this could be another draining ability, adding 10 energy drain on top of whatever drain is active for Paralysis that cant be negated by well rested.

Stat Effects:

Duration: increases the duration of the AoE

Range: increases the radius of the main AoE

Strength: increases the percentage of the tick damage


So yeah, this was my idea. Most of his kit revolves around utilizing his 3rd to trap enemies with tears, by mitigating the drain using his passive and 1 and attacking the sleeping using his clones and ultimate. Feel free to give criticisms or questions, because I'm absolutely certain I've overlooked plenty of things.

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