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MR6 primary?



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Lemme look at my MR list....


Ok here's all MR6 weapons:

Flux Rifle


Flux rifle is good with the extra mod. Rubico is one of the best snipers. There's a prime version that's better, but this one still packs a punch early. Soma is ok if you like to tickle enemies to death with a lot of bullets.

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2 hours ago, Cheemser said:

MR6 primary?

Kohm is great (after you slap on Shotgun Spazz), a full-auto crowd shredder Shotgun.

Dread is a dang good Bow (assuming you're even interested in a regular Bow, heh).

Try out Tonkor for some AoE funzies (I loves me my Penta trickshots
but Tonkor's larger damage and not least Blast Radius is hard to overlook).

Scourge has some lovely Status capabilities (Corrosive + Viral + Heat ooh yes please)
and its throw effect for easy headshots just might work out nicely for you, who knows.

Speaking of Status, Miter dishes out Slash (and other) procs quite proficiently.

Mind, I hope you're not ignoring Secondaries, some of them can provide similar if not superior damage output.

Atomos is a chain beam beast.

Kulstar is a rocket-propelled cluster grenade launcher. Yeah that's a thing. (Add Suppress for a great solo stealth weapon lol.)

Sonicor is more fun that straight-up deadly maybe, but as long as you have a Frame that can ignore self stagger (like Rhino),
going to town with this one is something I dare you to not enjoy at least a little bit.
Plus, newer Mods like Primed Fulmination and Hemorrhage actually enhance Sonicor's staying power somewhat significantly.

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