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PSA: Missing Icons


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We're aware there are some icons missing on Nintendo Switch, which affects Glyphs, the Dry Dock, Dojo decorating, and a few other areas. Our Nintendo Switch team has a fix ready!

The fix requires a native code change, which means it needs to be in a Cert-approved build. We’re targeting the first week of May to send the build to Cert and will keep you posted!

Thanks so much for your patience, Nintenno.

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That sounds good! Out of curiosity, would it be possible to add a few more?

I thought of a few ideas quite awhile back that would really help with Player-information. Here's the original thread:

"A (rather big) varied, organized collection of ideas for DE"


(These are copied directly from the there)

From the Misc. section;

On-foot scanning: There are a couple of things I thought of for on-foot scanning actually!

  • Radar widget for Simaris Scanner: This can alter the enemy icons shown by your radar mods by highlighting the minimap arrows noticeably for enemies that have not been fully scanned yet! This way you don't need to directly open and close the scanner to see the red highlight on an enemy. Since you can use the scanner during Archwing, this widget will also work there for all those fast enemy fighter craft.

    • Maybe this widget can also help with locating Somachord / Cephalon fragments in Open world environments? Theoretically by showing you a Sanctuary Target (Double-helix) like-trail just like if you were going after a Simaris Bounty Target! It would help with finding them in such a huge place.


  • New idea (08-18-2020)!

    • UI indicators with Defense objectives: (Let me know if this is already a thing, but I don't remember seeing it)

      • One important thing I noticed that isn't already a thing is various Damage Reduction, etc. icons next to the Shield / Health gauge of whichever defense target you happen to be defending. There are numerous abilities that can now provide protection from status procs, HP-healing, and damage reduction to either mobile defense objectives, excavators, NPCs that walk in various directions, and more. I think it would be very useful & informative if the ability buffs could be shown on the defense's gauge.

        • That being said, if any enemies proc status ailments, etc. those should be visible as well for the player's UI information!

        • Edit (08-27-2020): I noticed a few nights ago that ability buff icons and status procs from enemies, etc. don't appear for sentinels (This may be the same for any companion) whatsoever, making it a bit harder to tell if they're affected by those things! It would be just as important to show their status icons as well, for the players' information regarding the effectiveness / duration of each given effect.

  • New idea (08-18-2020, @ 3:49 PST)

    • "Vaulted" category when searching through Prime items, and when Relics are cracked open:

      • Every time I go to see Baro Ki-teer (Or check the inventory), I usually find myself looking up some parts on the computer to find out if they've been vaulted yet or not, but I think it would benefit everyone to be able to sort out which prime items they have that're vaulted at the time. In theory, that could also just be a "Hidden / Not Hidden" sort of toggle at a Ducat Kiosk & in the inventory, like how in the market you can toggle whether or not you want to see things that you've already mastered or currently own.

        • This "toggle" would basically not show the vaulted Prime parts, so you don't accidentally sell something you can't get back!

      • As for Relic cracking, in an effort to shave off time figuring out if something is vaulted (In the brief seconds you have with cracked relics), I think it would be just as useful if there was a "Vaulted!" indicator on a person's prime part if they happen to be using a vaulted relic (But of course considering whether or not the revealed part is currently vaulted, otherwise that could be accidentally misleading), when everyone gets to select a prime part at the end of a wave or mission. That way, they will know if they should try selecting that particular part or blueprint before the chance slips through their fingers.

        • As a matter of fact, when trading with another player, it would also be a good thing to have that "Vaulted!" indicator in case you want to know if what they offer / you offer them is in fact vaulted.


In the future, I hope this will help make sure players know more about a given situation during their missions.

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On 2021-05-15 at 11:37 AM, (NSW)Belaptir said:

The bug is not solved tho. I'm still missing most of the icons in the dojo and other menus. And for what I've seen, I'm not the only one.

Yup, still getting icons missing or loading extremely slowly

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Still having this problem, too. It's especially bad after loading any railjack resources (dojo or relay) for some reason. Railjack mods also tend to just be a blank sky with a placeholder grid. Some planets even lose their textures and become gray orbs. Some Warframe textures go into low-poly mode if I switch in Dojo. Although I do kind of like cheese Lavos.

Fixes on restart, but appears regularly.

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