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Frost Could Use An Update


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Ok, so we all agree that Snow Cone is frigging awesome and i believe most of us would be &!$$ed if you changed ANYTHING about that one... But really, aside from Snow Cone and Avalanche... Is Freeze and Ice Wave really doing anything in the middle of this?


Freeze is still kind ok tricky to hit since it haven't been equiped with the auto-target feature of Volt or Ash's main attacks. And even WHEN it hits, it last nothing on bosses, does way too little damage and the freezing effect is single target, so you could instead just Snow Globe them into slowness.

As for Ice Wave?.... Well, i'v barely shot off na Ice Wave, even back in the day where Frost first came out... And let me tell you, every time i did i was remembered about why i don't shoot Ice Waves. It is flashy and yet completely wasted... You could save it to make Avalanche and do WAY more damage then doing a couple of Ice Waves...


I dunno, i kind of feel they need revamp... Now, let's not mistake this with powerups. I don't NEED more power on Frost, he's already a frigging beast when it comes to almost anything in this game. But maybe you could change those skills all together to more amusing cool stuff?...

- I dunno, maybe let Frost surf into Ice like Iceman...

- Maybe he can create a slippery ice field on the floor that knocks enemies on their asses hilariously as they slip all over the floor...

- Maybe he can climb a wall and then freeze his feet into the wall to grab the wall indefinitely, shooting things from a vantage point...

- Maybe he can create an actual snowball that rolls down the floor and clips all over the place, dragging enemies in the the snowball without actually hurting them, thus creating the most bug-prone skill ever.

- Or maybe he can use ice to make himself random hats every time he presses the button.

I dunno, i just feel that those 2 slows of his are just wasted, you could have fun with Frost without giving him any more power then he already has.

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