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Encountering odd aiming bug in Railjack


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To start off, I tried searching the forum for previous reports of this specific bug but I didn't find anything, so here goes.

I've only seen the bug twice, and I'm not certain yet what causes it, but when it happens it adjusts the limits to how far up or down I can aim while in my warframe. I think most likely it's altering where my horizon is relative to my warframe. Both occurrences for me so far were in Railjack, the first with a random public squad and the second while solo. It doesn't affect my Operator, or when I'm in a gun turret or in Archwing mode. Going into and out of any of these states doesn't fix it either, although dying and respawning does.

To describe it in greater detail, the first time this happened I could not aim down at all, stuck at a 0 degree angle straight forward when I tried. I could aim up the full 90 degrees still, however. This instance happened while I was a client, not host. This second time it has happened (I'm currently still in the solo session it has happened in as of typing this post) I can only aim up about 45 degrees from straight ahead, but I can aim down to approximately 125 degrees, meaning I can aim down past my frame's feet and somewhat behind me, with the world remaining upside down and everything. This instance occurred, as I said, solo. So I am the host.


This is as far up as I can aim in my current second instance with this bug.


And this is as far down as I can aim in the current instance.

Anyone else seen this?

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Yeah, dying and reviving fixed it for me too, but that doesn't mean it should happen, or that I want to have to off myself when it does. Not to mention having to tell my teammates not to revive me when I start bleedout.

17 hours ago, Reconsile said:

Also your links dont work

I hate Dropbox sometimes. I changed the links, hopefully these are more public/website friendly.

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Well my first times encountering it have both been only after Tempestarii. Good to know though I guess. Any idea what actually causes it so I can try to avoid it?

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