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[INT][PC][Clan] Scarlet Rebels Is Recruiting | Chill & Laidback Community for everyone


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Scarlet rebels is a chill and laidback clan dedicated for everyone, either New, Casual, Veteran, or a returning player!

About us:

Clans are meant to bring people together to help each other and enjoy the game not for forming a band of elites whilst ignoring everyone else!

we don't recruit everyone for numbers or theirย MR rank or the amount of hours played!

Anyone is welcome to join, just be chill & friendly

Clan info:

A Full researched dojo with everything you might need from a R10 clan dojo, including Drydock!

A Beautifully decorated dojo, praised by our visiting players! and if you're either an artist or you wanna try your hand at dojo decoration you'll be welcome to a room to share your love for decoration!

Super friendly and chill staff and clan members (Currently Looking a helpful staff, let us know if you're interested)

Scaling inactivity policy, if you gonna be inactive for a long while just let us know and we won't kick you, and even if you got kicked due to inactivity you are welcome to join back in!

Growing discord server which you are not forced to join, it s a place to hang out with clan mates if you wish!

A Toxic free environment

How to join:

Im not active the whole day, but i should always be on in the afternoon!

So you can join either by any of the following methods:

  • Join our discord: discord.gg/prky36F and let me know in the general chat that you wanna join by tagging @Scarlet Staff or @Scarlet Phantom and i'll be sure to invite you when im online!
  • Let me know here in a comment, i'll swing by often!
  • Catch me online in game, my ign is: Vurmithrex
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