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Railjack, Fun vs Not Fun Parts. and Idea to Fix it.


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Gotta say

Flying your own Railjack from the pilots seat and blasting enemy fighters is great fun. Love that. Feels great to be in control of a huge powerful spaceship.


Less fun tho, is if you're on Someone Else's Railjack. Sitting in a gun turret is kinda lame. Manning the Forward Artillery is basically just pressing a button cause the captain can't reach it himself. Running around putting out fires is just tedious. and Sitting in the Forge staring at menus isn't gameplay at all.


Basically, its great being the Captain/Pilot, but super lame doing any of the 'crew' jobs.


Which is why the new COMMAND intrinsic is awesome! Thanks DE, having AI NPCS do the dirty work lets me focus on the fun part: flying 100tons of spaceship!


But this puts us at a conflict of interest!

Solo is great cause it enables NPC Crew, yet for the actual Mission Objective Landing Party stuff, you really need Other Tenno.


I want my Railjack to play like Solo mode, but the Landing Party half of the mission to have Public Matchmaking.

Could that be the solution to the 'taxi' problem?

Let everyone start out a given Mission Node flying their own Railjack! with their own NPC Crew, but upon entering the Ground Mission area, Matchmaking comes active and other Tenno join up?

Now everyone gets to Captain their own ship. all the work they put into Building them stays Rewarded. But the Ground Missions and interactions with other Tenno gets to stay too.


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Piloting, fixing, forge, fighting intruders and the build up of the forward artillery are all activities that i really like.

Maybe it's just me ^^

But yeah, having the option to start out as host would be neat, i wanna pilot mah RJ dangit!

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Something to note - you don't need to sit on the Railjack turrets or run around putting out fires. If you're crew on someone else's Railjack, you could be attacking Priority Targets, handling optional objectives or even boarding Crew Ships. I tend to play Railjack missions with a friend of mine, and that's pretty much how we split the load. One person manages the ship, one person manages EVA.

With that said, though - the OP has a point. Re-enabling matchmaking for the ground mission portion is not a bad idea. Mechanically, it might be difficult to pull off since players would need to choose whether they want to join a space version of the mission or just go straight to the ground portion, but this can be sorted via the UI. If we are to transition all of the game's existing content TO Railjack, then it makes sense to let players run or join JUST the main ground part of a broader Railjack mission.

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Grineer stations. Not being able to expose all radiators unless you blow one up first.

Having to go in and out of a station three times is annoying


With update, Grineer Missile platform turrets can now be targeted. Which sorta gets annoying when searching for Radiators.



I'd love for some Corpus Skirmishes too.

Maybe a Crossfire skirmish too.

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The easiest way to solve this is to enable public matchmaking - but with you starting out as host, in your own railjack. host is nearly always pilot, and there are loads of people who prefer the other aspects. DE just needs to put back the "start mission as host" option as it used to be.


Frankly, I'd thenm put back all the shared stuff like common forge pools and energy as the recent solo-focussed changes are meaningless if you're playing public with a crew who work together.

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