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Railjack pilot bug


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So, having tested the crew a bit now there are 2 things that just have to get updated for them to have any point in existing at all. That’s pilots and engineers. Neither of them do anything useful and the pilot sabotages the mission as much as a player piloting the mission could ever do intentionally. 

The problem with pilots is that they are slow and veeery anti success. It takes ridiculously long for them to go from A to B because the AI tries to guess what the smart move is and there’s no way to order it to do anything. It also follows the player if the Archwing is used which leads to longer pointless flying around in situations where there is an optional part of the mission that is being done and this makes it go farther away from what really matters which means longer time to complete the mission. 
That’s not all though. If there’s a crewship that has to be killed and there’s a pilot crew member on board it will do everything possible to make you miss all the forward artillery shots. It simply will not keep the facing at the crewship no matter what. This leads to the player having to go and do it manually which is, well, a good to have option but a horrible thing to force on players. 
All that could be fixed with simple orders like “go to mission entry point X” and “target crewship for artillery shot”. 

The engineers have a very useful role but it is missing a critical part of the job. It does not use the foundry of the ship. Essentially that means that when the player knows what he/she is doing the ship will not get damaged enough to have a breach or get boarded at all...which makes the engineer useless because it does nothing when neither of those conditions apply. If it would make more shots for the forward artillery, fill the energy and all that it would be absolutely great. Now it’s ok for new players and does nothing for the rest of us. 

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