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How do you build Mag to survive?



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somewhat balanced build with counterpulse.  casting 3 fully restores shields (and gating). That is enough with a little map awareness to stay alive to any level.  Some strategic bubbles to block ranged attacks if needed.

If you struggle with that you could throw on rolling guard - but I don't find it necessary with decent energy management.


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An active playstyle + Magnetize. Three Mag spheres is a lot of protection (step into one = safe from enemy fire) and of killing power. Select primary & secondary for Mag sphere usage, that is how you will do your killing. The rest is flavor (and there are lots of flavoring you can use).

I use Crush mostly as a situation reset (short CC), since keeping overshields active takes too much energy (when we are talking "high level enemies").  An Augur set mod (or two) + shield gate is better, since you will be casting +/- continuously. Using Crush with the augment as an armor stripper mechanic works quite well in SP team play (but not "solo", again it takes too much energy).

There are some enemies and missions that are comparatively harder to handle with Mag, notably Corpus missions with a lot of nullies (of different kinds).

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2 часа назад, _4shes сказал:

I struggle to keep her alive in higher level missions.


i use zaw machete for additional energy regen. exergis and mara detron because i like those. i only switched to Nova for SP emissary. 2 hours of any survival easy if you want to, but that's stupid and boring.

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