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Lost loot because of bugged extraction


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So I was doing a survival mission opening Meso relics and after 13 minutes in the mission my teammates decided to leave the mission. After the most left the host migration started but in the middle of the host migration I get "Mission Complete" but no loot. When returning to my orbiter and checking if the loot was added to the inventory anyways it was not but the relics that I used in the mission was consumed.

In the mission I opened 2 Meso relics but claimed my teammates options instead giving me an Octavia Prime Systems and a Nezha Prime Blueprint while opening 2 radianted Meso D6 relics.

I also lost 2 scenes from opening the secret rooms in the Gas City tileset. Thanks to the lost loot prevention that is in the game the prime parts where recovered however.

Here is a link to a video showing what happened: https://streamable.com/4nnhv5

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