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Sevagoth Bug - Shadow can pick up weapons stolen from Sevagoth


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I wish Shadow could use the weapons picked up, that would be neat. Alas, he can not, and I don't disagree with it.

The real reason this is a huge bug though is that the weapon becomes lost to the void. Here is how to reproduce:

- Play sevagoth

- Get ranged weapon pulled out of your hands. (Various enemies do this)

- Activate Shadow

- Pick up weapon off ground using Shadow

 - Reunite

- Weapon not available for Sevagoth to use.


Ideally, if Shadow picks up the weapon, it should return back to Sevagoth when they Reunite. But this doesn't happen. The weapon is picked up off the ground and lost into the void (until mission exit). The weapon still gains passive affinity while in Sevagoth form.


I had a Kuva Nukor lost during an Arbitration this way.

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