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Missing Battle Pays


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So, since the inbox doesn't say which node the battle pay was for, and since the different nodes took varying amounts of time to complete it is a bit hard to track.

But, it would seem I had some issues.  The Wiki listed 26 total contests.  I have 19 battle pays.


I was 99% sure I was paying close enough attention to the active nodes that I had done 21 of them.  I missed the kick off as it was over before I got a chance to log on.  I didn't do any missions for the Rhino Helms.


I'm trying to look at the rewards listed on the wiki and cross-reference to my inbox and I think I have it figured out, but also the last catalyst on Alator I was sure I finished last night, when I saw that I had 0/5 this morning I thought maybe it was a new one?  But then I didn't get the reward from the one I had finished, not remembering the node it was on, and since the battle pay doesn't list the node... So anyway event ended mid re-run on to make that 5/5.


Still trying to figure out the other two battle pays I think I'm missing.


Anyone else?


*edit* wiki lists 26 missions total I first counted 23.

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I'm at work so I'm not much help, but did we get the battle pay for the ones they closed when the event ended?

Yep, the last three nodes I got the battle pay popped up for the two as soon as the event ended, but like I said was re-running Alator and didn't get credit for it.

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I received Battle Pay rewards for every mission I participated in. I also check my inbox daily and cleaned it out accordingly.

I was checking as well, but didn't delete anything because the order they were popping up. I was a little confused early as I thought maybe I was missing rewards I thought I should have but couldn't cross reference to anything.



Ok, after going back through everything, I see the last Alator must have started early today not last night, event ended while I was on my 5th run.  meh sucks, but happens.

So the only missions I know I didn't do are:

1st Gradivus

2nd Olympus - rhino helms

last Alator I was just too late for.


However I am missing, the Reactor from Arval.

I am missing I think Neurodes from Silvanus.

150K credits from Vallis.

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