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Can Oberon proc Reckoning if enemies are affected by Larva?



Having found new light and love in one of my favorite Warframes, Oberon, I've been trying to experiment different ways to help proc the synergy effects of Renewal and Reckoning. Replacing his 1, I've tried using Pull to literally drag enemies into Hallowed Grounds and then activate Reckoning, and while it works...it's a bit slow for my taste, since it seems like Reckoning doesn't activate if you use 4 right after using Pull. You have to wait until the enemies get up AND THEN cast 4. Not exactly flowing XD

That being said, if I were to replace Oberon's 1 (Smite) with Nidus' Helminth ability (Larva), will enemies be affected by Reckoning while they are bundled up and affected by Larva? If not, are there any abilities that might help out with the playstyle I'm trying to achieve?

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