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Now, this may seem peculiar, but let me explain.

I would like to be able to add markers to the Starchart so I know which are the prime stops for resource gathering. In order to  get resources efficiently, I got onto the wiki, find the best site and farm it. This is a regular occurrence. What I want is small and you may think "ah, don't need that, would never use it". For some of you, this may be the case, however I feel that this little thing would be greatly appreciated.

On top of my idea of marking the Starchart, I would like the markers to- if one chooses to- have a hyperlink-esque column down to left side of the screen. Just below where "Alerts" and "News" are.

I know that this is small but I feel that it would be greatly appreciated.

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@Sorez: Yes, and then creating a link to it on the Starchart. So if, for instance, I need Rubedo, I would just click on the link labelled "Rubedo" and it would take me to Lith as it is an efficient place to farm Rubedo and so I would set the appropriate label to take me there.

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