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Sevagoth farming should be called EmoGoth


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While attempting to farm Sevagoth I have encountered multiple bugs which is flat out killing game play.

There have been at least three instances in which an electrical hazard spawned and after the engineer "repaired" the penalty persisted making the screen impossible to read.

All rewards were lost.

In a server stability issue, in a Volatile mission, 2 engineers magically appeared and both myself and another team mate lost all rewards.

I have had many other failed instances due to bugs, but those are the worst.

Please address this or move to a token system as I currently have:

2 Neuroptics, 4 chassis and of course 0 systems.

Wasting players' time, resources, and crushing enjoyment does not make for good game play.

Further, rng walls for basic frames is abusive, as higher M.R.s have been telling you for years. I have already fully maxed intrinsics and all ship parts and at this stage have zero reason to play this content except for the one part that will not drop.

Just sayin'

Post Edit:

Immediately after my last post I decided to try things in a different order.

Found out I was supposed to kill two crew ships which I'd already done.

Then this happened next round


Was forced to quit as after killing the other crew ship on the board none other would spawn.

After that a friend joined me, and after completing all objectives: No identified items, not even a relic.


I would also like to move this to the appropriate new D.E. specified location, but am not entirely sure how. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


As of Tuesday the 27th,2021 I have completed roughly 80-100 farming attempts.

I have received 6 Sevagoth Neuro, 4 Sevagoth Chassis.

Sevagoth systems? 0

The wiki and drop tables specifically call these numbers as "nearly guaranteed"

There is either a serious exclusion bug going on here or drops are not rng and are based on player configuration.

Either way this is absolutely 0 fun and needs to be resolved. 


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On 2021-08-03 at 12:17 AM, (PSN)greeneye_o said:

can you tell me where did you farm the Neuroptics Im having trouble farming it please

Don't worry now that holokeys are a thing I curse every Emogoth drop.

Just hit up the corpus railjack missions.  Pluto and void regions.

They hold back what we need until it becomes something we don't then flood us with it.

Slowdown Mechanic

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