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orb vallis and oxium ospreys


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during my time playing warframe I have came across many obstacles one of them being oxium farming, when trying to craft anything using oxium you can notice that they often ask for thousands at a time similar to more common resources but as of today we have very few methods to get such an amount, the only enemy that drops oxium is oxium ospreys, these ospreys cn spawn in a few spots and are generally really annoying to farm, so i suggest a solution to this problems, it's honestly as simple as changing enemy spawn rates and making sure that change doesn't break or cause other things to break, I suggest making it so that oxium ospreys can spawn in the orb vallis, this will still keep a steep enough grind to get oxium without totally breaking the grind of the game, and not only that it's the easiest to implement, I mean you could try creating entire bosses or level systems to work around this problems or you could just tweak some spawn rates, doing this can make it so instead of having an average of 9.5 oxium per kill one could get roughly 58 oxium per kill, this will drastically change the farming of oxium without having to either rewrite a crap ton of blueprints or create a whole new way to obtain the stuff, farming oxium will still be annoying and grindy but that is what warframe is about, but instead of being harder to farm than irradite and needs about as much contribution as rubido in blueprints we can make it simply as hard to farm as irradite and still grindy enough to make it so the playtime stays up there, i know your game generally revolves around the idea of grinding anything and everything, but there are somethings that have become too annoying and I know how difficult it can be to stay in that sweet spot were the game is grindy and yet not too grindy but yet also not too easy that players get bored quickly, oxium ospreys are a very small problem and one that may not need to be considered for a while, but if it can take one programmer at least half an hour to solve, i think it couldn't be that bad to solve it earlier on rather than letting it sit. so DE, if your reading this please just put one programmer on this small problem, i mean you release these small updates that we don't even know what they do every day, it couldn't hurt to sprinkle some oxium ospreys into the orb vallis, even if for only 3 months just to see how it goes, people will eventually notice it's there and oxium will be farmed there for a bit, they will obviously be grateful that it's there and and will be farming oxium a bit more efficiently than they were before. what could go wrong with solving the more simplistic problems first.

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