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Update failed! Some content updates could not be downloaded from our servers. -- general issue?


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When me and some friends were trying to login to play the anniversary alerts today when we all got this message:
"Update failed!    Some content updates could not be downloaded from our servers. "

We all live in Belgium.

Is there some wider issue at hand here?


I tried the FAQ concerning the unable to patch problems but didn't find a fix yet.

I also thought it was strange that multiple people (yeah I know 3) are experiencing the same issue and there hasn't been any communication about this.

Also when I come across these kind of problems on the rare occasions that I can sit down and play I would very much like to know whether the problem is on my end or on your (DE's end). 
Can't you at least provide us some link to check if we have access to where we need to have it?

It would also be nice if we would know exactly what this update is that broke our game. (I assume the latest hotfix but how many have there been since I played last weekend?)





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