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Granmu Prism vs Cantic Prism?



Hey, im thinking of finally getting an amp and upgrading from this stinkin' mote amp. 

The prisms that I desire at the moment are Granmu (3 shot grenade), Rahn (full auto), and Cantic (3 shot burst).

I see the Rahn does the least damage but has high dps.


I am not sure of the differences between Granmu and Cantic. I wanna go with whichever does the most damage.

Granmu vs Cantic? 

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20 minutes ago, (NSW)BenDex said:

This shouldnt be too tough. Do you prefer sharp shooting or nuking the room?

Cantic you will need to be dead on, but its effective.

Granmu will send everyone flying away with minimal aiming, but you might stagger yourself.

hmm... both should be fine, but i am mainly focusing on eidolons and i like burst fire. which one does more damage? 

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