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Whelp... Alad's Not Keeping His Job


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I mean, as head of Grineer Relations, I say this is a failure on all fronts.



Probably ship him off to oversee some back water Gas collecting facility with no chance of promotion.

Where he will be vulnerable and easily assassinated.......... *hint* *hint* xD

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Ha ha ha Alad is a funny funny guy!



 ^This. He may have had a knife behind his back the whole time we worked together, but we always had three knives behind ours. Now the time has come to use them.


But Cybear!


what if... he has indoctrinated you -in spooky voice-

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I dunno. I get the feeling the whole event's outcome somehow plays right into Alad's hands...


What if it was all a big distraction for both us and the Grineer? O_o

He'd certainly be cunning enough to make sure he had a back up plan incase the war didn't go his way.

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Narratively speaking


I feel the event didn't really live up to being a dilemma.


Strictly cause... the Corpus choice is  "empty". You don't know any body in the Martain sector do you? they have no face, they just exist cause dammit the corpus need something other then the better looking hand gun!


If they had developed the Mars colonial side IE you take missions for the Mars forces trying to beat out the Corpus in the build up to this event.


That without the corpus fleets they have to face the full brunt of the Grineer war machine.



I liked the event but i felt it wasn't as impact or as hard of a choice as DE wanted it to be... narratively speaking.



I do commend the Corpus supporters for trying to sell their argument for supporting them even when the odds we're stcked againts them.


Could of used without the demonizing but that's how all debates go.


They kinda lost me when they tried selling that the Corpus are men of science and only want the betterment of the sol system.

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