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Kuva Twin Stubbas - Reload animation makes no sense


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The magazine of the Stubba is behind, like a stock. One can clearly see how the character drags it out from behind and insert another on the original Stubba. The Kuva Twin Stubbas are reloaded like the usual pistol (magazine underneath the grip).


The magazines are behind the pistols.



The green lines in the picture above show how the magazine does a spin from behind to the front of the gun. The blue arrow shows what the animations tries to do, which is to drop the magazine out from the grip.



The blue arrows here, show how she slams the pistol grips to her thighs to reload the pistols. The green represents how the magazines just pops up out of nowhere.



This is the original Stubba. The magazine gets dragged out from behind.



The magazine gets discarded to the other side of the room.



A new magazine gets slammed into it from behind, and it's ready to go.


The Stubba is my favorite secondary in the game, everything from the sound to the design is amazing. I can really feel the passion from those who created it when I use it, and it is very sad to see how the Twin Stubbas turned out when I got them. I hope you will redo its animation so that it is closer to the original.

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