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Legion - The commander frame


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I thought the game needed a commander frame and it sounds like a cool concept so I thought of legion.

Passive: Gain a temporary damage buff that is activated when a teammate gets downed

Ability 1 - Convert: Call in a dropship full of orokin sentries, deploying into the battlefield and lodging themselves into enemies (like corrupted enemies) and making them follow your every command.

Ability 2 - Order: Give your followers orders to attack targets, defend objectives, or stand their ground.

Ability 3 - Rally: Deploy a banner that makes your followers do more damage and have buffed health.

Ability 4 - Release: When your followers have outlived their usefulness, detonate their orokin sentries, killing them and making nearby enemies flee in terror.


Health: 500

Shields: 300

Armor: 500

Energy: 300


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