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functionality loss when being downed at the same time as summoning heavy weapon


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as stated in the title, if you try to summon an archgun/heavy weapon and get downed by an enemy at the same time, it can cause a functionality loss.

in particular, when you get back up, you will have your secondary weapon out, and you will be completely unable to switch to any other weapons. you can't use primary or melee weapon, and you can't even summon gear-based weapons like the archgun, codex scanner, tranq rifle, etc... and in this state, if your secondary weapon is removed/disarmed, such as by a drahk master, it will simply make you "unarmed" rather than automatically switching to another weapon. fortunately though, context action-based finishers that don't actually switch weapons, like stealth finishers and mercys with the parazon still work.

i have not tested whether or not it gets fixed by entering operator mode or completely dying and using a revive without being healed by another player. we simply extracted from the mission as soon as possible.

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