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Suggestions for Railjack


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Phase 0 -- Free roam


You select a star sector on the map. Your Railjack warp into the sector in free roam mode. You can fly your Railjack freely. There were asteroids you can mine, mini conflicts you can participate, civilian ships you can blackmail for money and destroy, space stations you can dock and accept missions and so on.


Phase 1 -- Tracking down certain objectives


In free roam, you can do some mini games at the ship console or accept a mission from a station to locate a capitol ship (exterminate or volatile), an asteroid base or a ship killer platform (skirmish), a Solaris freighter needs escort (defense) etc.


Phase 2 – Mission start


Exterminate or Volatile

Once your Railjack appeared on the radar of the capitol ship, the commander will launch fighters and crew ships.

One of the hacking crew has to play a mini game constantly while the other crew slingshot into the side objective like a carrier platform.

If you don't hack it, it will start firing at the Railjack and the boarding arkwing.

In the meantime, the captain of the Railjack can destroy the surface elements of the objective via turrets.

Boarding crew will be on a sabotage mission from the inside.

Or you can just blow up the entire platform using the big gun but the reward would be less than disabling it.

And the capitol ship; we have to disable the turret and engines first or the arkwing would be destroyed by the turrets and the ship would get away.

A capitol ship is huge comparing to our Railjack. It can kill us almost instantly so we can't just get close to it doing nothing.

Remember the objective we just disabled? We can use it as a cyberattack hub which gives us another reason not to blow it up. We will need three cyberattack hub in total to disable the capitol ship's shield and turrets.

A hub can be a crew ship, a carrier platform, an ice mine or a freight linker.

After all of the above are done, start strafing at the capitol ship's surface element especially the turrets and engines so we can board it. If you don’t, the capitol ship can warp away which leads to a mission failure.

Inside the capitol ship you kill the captain, the engineers, the high rank officers and so on. You can ask those poor enemy crews to abandon ship or just kill them all.

Or just blow up the ship. Choice is yours.



Once your Railjack appeared on the radar of the asteroid base, the commander will launch fighters and crew ships.

In the mean time you can:

1.      Constant hacking mini game, disable the base turrets

2.      Void cloak, send arkwings in close range

Sabotage mission for the away crew and dogfight as well as surface element strafing missions for the Railjack.



A Solaris freighter needs your help. Enemy is sending waves of fighters and crew ships with ram sleds. The enemy will try to board the Solaris craft so you have to defense the craft from the inside and outside simultaneously. Send one or two Tenno to the Solaris craft just in case.


Phase 3 – Objectives met


Capitol ship captured

If you successfully captured a capitol ship, you can sell it to the Grineer for credits, scrap it for resources or just donate it to the syndicates for faction standing.

Or you can just drag the ship to your dojo for cosmetics.


Base captured

Just sell it to the faction other than the original. I don’t think the syndicates or Solaris Union will have any interest in this thing.


Capitol ship blown up

Capitol ships are considered extra rewards, if you blow them up, you only get the regular mission reward.


How to do these solo


Hacking mini games can be performed by an engineer. If you have a crew assigned to the engineer, you don’t have to play any mini game. The crew will not actually play the mini game, either. However, you have to capture the cyberattack hub one by one by yourself. So in the mission it will be like, side objectives not firing at all. You don’t have to destroy surface elements of the side objectives. Just turn it into a hacking platform and you can leave. The reason why you either sabotage from the inside or strafing the surface element is to relief the crew from playing hacking mini games constantly. Since your AI crew do the hacking automatically, you don’t have to worry about the crew screwing up the mini game.

Once you have three hacking hub, capitol ships stop firing when you get close.

Or just void cloak all the way, but beware after you de-cloak and the cool down timer up, you’ll still be vaporized if those turrets are still operational.

IMO doing the mission solo is overloading but still you can do it.



Railjack is a sub-destroyer class ship. Enemy Capitol ships are either cruiser or battleship class, so their ordnance should be deadly. As for the asteroid bases welp they are bases anyway. If you get close without any prepare you will be vaporized in a second. But in the current game the capitol ship is a joke even with those torpedoes. Torpedoes are supposed to one shot a Railjack but it doesn’t. Hacking should be brought into a thing when there is small vs big because that makes more sense. I understand that the mission length is one big thing when it comes to Warframe. Maybe this kind of mission can reward the player more?


We don’t have to make enemy turrets punch harder, just make them crowded like 20 each ship, 50 each base. 20 turrets firing at the same target would be devastating just like C-RAM intercepting missiles.


You hack things by one Tenno using the Railjack ship console playing the hacking mini game, you don’t have to play mini games on the cyberattack hub.

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