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looking for Clan with age 20+ EU


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Hello there! 

I am looking for a clan with members of age 20+ (in the game I usually get along best with people that are 25+) in the EU/UK and preferably a Discord/Teamspeak server as I'm a very socialable person and like interacting with people via voice chat.

I'm currently only MR5, but been MR~13 on another platform, so I'm not exactly inexperienced with >600h of playtime - although my knowledge is quite outdated (stopped playing shortly after the plains of eidolon were released). 

Right now I'm very active, I started the account about a week ago and going strong, although it won't always be like that - university and songwriting require a lot of time! :)

Hit me up if you've got a place for me in your clan, I'd love to hear from you! 


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