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Sevagoth: Other warframe abilities that can take a leaf out of his book


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I really like Sevagoth, he is another frame I have wanted to see in this game for a while, we have Banshee which is related to a ghost by name, wisp which is close to a ghost and now we have an actual ghost.

While playing Sevagoth I have noticed that he has abilities that other warframe could use as a blueprint to improve their abilities, whether it`s big or small changes and is very similar to the improvements I would give them.

Here is a list of warframe abilities that can be improve based of his abilities:


Inaros` Passive & Sevagoth`s Passive

Sevagoth`s way of reviving himself is fun and more efficient however with Inaros` way of reviving is slow, dosen`t do a lot of damage and it`s more effective when in a team. While it`s not fun compared to Sevagoth and I don`t want to make it too similar to the way he works, the point is you want to get back in the game as soon as possible.


Inaros` passive improvements

·       Increase the damage to 500 true damage.

·       Aiming at enemies` head will double damage.

·       Change it to a cone to capture multi enemies instead of one with no limit on distance.

·       Visually when enemies die, they are absorbed into the sarcophagus.


Baruuk`s Gauge & Sevagoth`s Gauge

To fill up his gauge you need to kill enemies with his 1st, 2nd and 3rd ability and to maintain it he has to use d`s harvest on the shadow form with each enemy affected that is killed refills it by 5%, it also drains 1% a second while active.

Baruuk`s abilities gauge drain is as follows:

·       Elude erodes 1.2% from the meter.

·       Lull erodes 0.8% from the meter.

·       Desolate Hands erodes 1.6% from the meter.

Serene Storm refills gauge by 4% on activation and by 0.8% per second while active.

Because Sevagoth has to kill to maintain his gauge it`s more manageable however with Baruuk


Gauge improvements

2nd/3rd ability

·       Each enemy affected and killed (including ally kills) will reduce the restraint meter.


4th ability:

·       If you use this and you don`t have your restraint completely drained, you will be able you use it without the waves. (with this you have the choice to either get up close to enemies or deal damage at a distance with waves)


Zephyr`s Tornado & Sevagoth`s Reap

Even through I`m not too keen on the fact that you have to aim to make the shadow go to where you want, at least the speed of it reaching the location is quickly. This is something the held part of tornado is lacking; it takes too long to reach the designated area to the point of you might as well just shoot the enemy.


Tornado improvements

·       Optional: Either make the tornados seek out enemies on their own or remove the aiming (controlling tornados) mechanic and replace it with the marking mechanic where after cast, you hold the ability to activate marking and mark enemies then activate it to control the tornados to seek out the marked targets OR Increase their movement speed when controlling the tornado to reach enemies quicker.


Banshee`s Silence & Sevagoth`s Gloom

What makes gloom so great is that it slows enemies down, the radius travels outwards and a simple thing as showing the radius of it goes a long way while silence on the other hand doesn`t do much.

Silence to me is meant to be a stealthy ability but it`s bad at it, you can`t control the range, you can`t see the range it has a 2 second stun the not really helpful and her passive destroys the stealthy aspect of the ability.


Silence improvements

·       Enemies will notice you within a 10m of their vision.

·       Enemies will have a slower reaction time when noticing you (if you stand in front of them, it will take them 3 seconds until they react to your presents)

·       If you hold the ability, you can control how far the ability reaches based on how much range it has.

·       Show the radius of the ability.

·       Put an indicator above enemies’ head to show how quickly they will be alerted by seeing you. (like stealth games)

·       If enemies are alerted, casting this ability will revert them back to being un-alerted however they will still be alerted if the alarms are on or if you are in their sights.

·       Can be used on the move.

·       Remove muffled sound and instead increase the volume of the noises that enemies make, making her aware of enemies’ position (wearing headphones will increase the usefulness of this ability).


Chroma`s Effigy, Atlas` Rumblers Titania`s Razorwing & Sevagoths Exalted Shadow

You can pretty much take a guest of what I’m going to say here. The thing that makes Sevagoth unique is not only he has an exalted form (which I have wanted to see a warframe have for years) but it also has claws that both claws and shadow can be customised my mods, this is something that Chroma`s effigy and Atlas` rumblers could have and I’ll add to this to make the ability more useful.

When it comes to Titania things are different, when taking control of exalted shadow, you can interact with things ranging from hacking to unlocking lockers however with razorwing you can`t interact with anything.


Effigy improvements

·       Pressing the ability will make it stay in one spot while holding the ability will make it move around on its own. While it can deal damage to enemies it won`t do any cc attacks and it will kill enemies one at a time.


Rumblers improvements

·       They can now charge at enemies causing them to ragdoll.

·       You can command them to stay in one place or to freely move around.

·       If they are staying in one place, they change themselves into cannon bomb turrets.

·       Remove teleporting to Atlas mechanic.


Razorwing improvements

·       She is able to interact with the environmental objects while in this form. (hacking, opening doors)

·       While active, make the other ability cost half the energy.

·       While having the diwata (exalted sword) equipped, you can close the gap on enemies within 35m. This makes it to where you can reach the enemies quicker.


Like I said before this is something I wanted to see future warframe get, this can also be a blueprint for other future warframe concepts to get.

Here are some examples:

·       A Vampire warframe where an ability turns him into a humanoid bat creature like in the van hellsing movie. The combos involve using claws, tail, wings and dash attacks and can hover in the air.

·       A Werewolf warframe where an ability turns him into a werewolf based on a gauge, He uses his claw, punches and body-slams to attack. This is something I’ve seen ppl say they wanted to see and seen some ppl mention it in the create concept competition last year February and I understand why.

·       A duplication warframe where it makes copies of its self that gets weaker and is based on the mods you equip on one of the copies.


Mag`s Pull & Shadow`s Embrace

In my opinion this is the best pull type abilities in the game, Embrace pulls enemies right in front of you, can be lifted into the air and is pulled into a pile.

Even through it has a very small chance to give you energy back, pull ragdolls enemies to the point where you have to chase them down to kill them or the pull is sometimes weak to where you have to run to them or spam the ability.


Pull improvements

·       When used on an enemy it has a 40% chance to drop 50 energy orb.

·       Enemies will be pulled Infront of her instead of rag-dolling over her head.

·       If you’re in the airborne while using it will pull enemies right in front of you. (this makes it to where you can do arial attacks)


When it comes to Sevagoth himself, he needs some improvements also.


·       Increase his sprint speed to 1.10 and the shadow to 1.20 (he`s a ghost he shouldn’t be slow)


1st ability:

·       Make the shadow be able to travel vertically to reach airborne enemies.

·       Instead of aiming holding the ability will mark the area you want the shadow to go.

·       Targeting an enemy will make the shadow continually deal damage to them.

·       If it`s stuck, targeting an area will teleport it out.

·       Enemies will be distracted by it, targeting it as a threat.

·       Increase the damage to 500.


2nd ability:

Exalted Shadow

·       Pressing the button again will halt its movement.

·       After the cast make it continue to have momentum instead of stopping.

·       Hitting a wall will make it stop immediately.


3rd ability:

·       Decrease the energy drain to 7 energy a second.

Exalted Shadow

·       Increase the range to 15m

·       Killing enemies affected will increase the gauge by 1%.


4th ability:

·       There is delay between pressing the melee attack button and the shadow slashing in the combos.

·       There is a bug when the back of it is still purple even through you change the energy colour.

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