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Trails of Vor [Endgame Concept/Reintroducing Void Keys and Corrupted Vor]

(XBOX)Lady Ukita

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”Ever since you slain Captain Vor, Tenno, the Grineer has been having...issues, regarding incursions from creatures that originate from the Void. This extends even beyond our territory, so this should concern you as well, hm? How about we...cooperate?” -Captain Vor’s Former Lieutenant

Every day, three random Star Chart missions on a particular planet will be marked as a Void Incursion, a special node where you align yourself with the associated faction to assist with defeating Corrupted Enemies. The enemies will drop a resource called Void Key Fragments, and once you collect X amount you’ll be able to craft a Void Key of the corresponding planet, like an Uranus Void Key. Completing these incursions will also give additional rewards, like X000 Endo, X00,000 Credits, and resource bundles of that particular planet (like Plastids and Polymer Bundles from an Uranus incursion.) The corrupted enemies will be +100 Levels from the normal enemy level of the mission, similar to Steel Path.

Once you have a Void Key of any planet, you’ll be able to go to the Void and select a node called Orokin Trails, where you select your key and enter the mission. Here, Corrupted Vor will have an irrelevant monologue, before the mission starts. The Orokin Trail will have three tiers, each with three encounters that’ll be an extremely modified gamemode of those you’re familiar with. With each tier/encounter, you’ll gain modifiers and debuffs that’ll heavily influence the tone of the Trail.

Trails of Bravery

“Insert Corrupted Vor Monologue”

Before the first encounter starts, you’ll be able to select one of three modifiers that’ll persist through the entire tier. Some example modifiers could be...

Warden’s Blessing: Increase the invulnerability window of Shield-Gating whilst decreasing shield recharge delay by 40%

Berserker’s Fury Each kill will give you a 10% increase to all damage dealt, lasts for 15 seconds and caps at 20 stacks.

Zenurik Arts Regenerate 5 energy per second and kills grant 10 energy.

However, enemies within the tier will gain a random buff as well, examples could be.

Orokin Authority Decrease the movement speed and parkour velocity of the player by 25%.

Orokin Subjugation Elite Units, Bombards or Heavy Gunners, will periodically fire a slow moving projectile that’ll Root the player in place for 1-3 seconds.

Orokin Will Decrease the duration of crowd control effects by 40%, additionally slows will be 35% less effective.

However, players can decide to debuff THEMSELVES instead, which will make it so the enemies won’t gain a buff during the tier, and players will receive multiplied rewards at the end of the entire mission. A debuff example could be...

Tenno Arrogance Increase damage taken by 20%, shield-gating invulnerability window is decreased by 20%.

Now for the encounters, encounters will be a shortened version of a gamemode, like Extermination, that’ll have a Wolf of Saturn Six like mini-boss at the end (an example of how powerful it’ll be). If you complete the encounter, you’ll gain a reward corresponding with the tier. If you fail, you only have two more attempts to redo the encounter before you’re forced to the next one, gaining no reward. With each encounter completed, you’ll be able to choose a modifier, and at the final encounter, you fight none other than Corrupted Vor himself.

Once you defeat Vor, you’ll complete the Tier, where you’ll cash out on your rewards. If you’ve completed all three encounters, you’ll gain three separate rewards, if you only completed two, you only gain two, and so on and so forth. To reiterate, if you decided to debuff yourself for the tier, these rewards are multiplied. Afterwards, you’ll have one of two choices.

Continue onwards to the next tier, which will have higher level enemies with less forgiving debuffs but increased rewards.

Extract and have Corrupted Vor call you a coward, but keeping your well-earned rewards.

If you make it to the final tier of the Orokin Trails, you’ll gain a Legendary reward, that can be a legendary core, a riven cache, perhaps even vaulted prime relics etc. However, if you decided to be a masochist and debuffed yourself nine times throughout the entirely of the trails, you gain three separate legendary rewards. You can only get the boosted three legendary rewards every week to avoid inflation, but normal legendary rewards can be gained once every day.

If you die to Corrupted Vor, you’ll lose the rewards you gained from the current tier that has been failed, but keep those of previous tiers and be forced out of the mission. If you fail at the first tier then you simply fail the mission.

Thoughts, opinions, concerns? This is my idea for an endgame mode that’s different from the classic raid, offering a challenge in regards of adapting to bolstered enemies or overcoming self imposed handicaps. I didn’t want it to be too unforgiving where it’s simply not fun, but hard enough to make you plan out your loadouts and strategies before taking them on.

Also I’m a bit vague on the rewards given since that I don’t want people to focus on that specific aspect too much.

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