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how can i as a nitendo switch user vote on the next round of tennogen?



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I'm going to be honest, as much as I do like your dedication to wanting to be involved with supporting TennoGen by voting, it doesn't do much in terms of getting items accepted into the game. At most, it simply shows support towards the artist in terms of what people generally think about the item, but DE makes the ultimate decision on whether or not they find it eligible based on their standards. And speaking of which, the most recent TennoGen Round has already had it's accepted items announced, so sadly the items you probably want to vote for are either outdated or were not resubmitted for the previous Round. Actually, I don't think any Nekros skins were submitted last Round (only helmets as I can see), so I believe it's the former.

Not trying to be a party-pooper or anything, just clarifying how TennoGen works and perhaps alleviating the issue on not being able to vote. It is somewhat strange that you can't just simply add Warframe onto your library. Usually for F2P games on Steam, it's simple enough to do. I guess it does come down to the OS.

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