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Grineer Restructuring

(XBOX)The Cheshire2

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Grineer once ancient slave builders of Orokin now a militaristic war machine led by their twin Queens. Characteristically Grineer are simple single minded workers, violent, builders, and focus on engineering and chemical research. With this in mind they're largely comparable to ants with a militaristic hierarchy, and yet we're shown them to be messy slobs with no real system. Although fixing it would bring Grineer to be a far more prominent force in Warframe, so how do we fix it?


Roles/ Classes:

In game we see a vast variety of units that often break the rules such as a Kuva gunner equipped with a shotgun, but in a military structure units fill specific roles in order to better run the military:

•Grunts: basic, short range-midrange, equipped with SMGs or Rifles.

•Troopers: higher armored, short range, equipped with shotguns.

•Bombards: Slow, high armored, equipped with explosive weaponary.

•Melee: Fast, medium armor, equipped with melee.

•Shielders: Slow, medium armor, short range, equipped Shield & non-explosive Pistols or SMGs.

•Scouts: Fast, light armor, stealth detection, mid range-long range, equipped with rifles or DMRs.

•Gunner: Slow, heavy armor, long range, equipped with LMGs

Sniper: light armor, long range, equipped with DMRs or Snipers.

•Officers: Light armor, Unit buffer, midrange, equipped with Pistols or Rifles

•Field Medic: Fast, light armor, Healer, midrange, equipped with secondary.

•Unique/ specialist classes



This is minor but a proper and orderly command structure instead of seeing a commander on ground just having tall hat and space commander leading a ship.



Grineer being wide spread should have different legions (companies, armies...ect) with different themes for each location and objective:

•Standard: Basic Grineer stagfed in ships or on stations mostly. Blue

•Kuva: Queens personal defensive force. More decorated with braids.

•(kuva lich): A shock trooper Legion decorated in black and red.

•(Anti-Infestation): A kavat & heat based legion for killing infestation. Black and yellow

•(mercury Overseers): basic but equipped for heat of mercury.

•Frontier: Eath Jungles forces, more flora like covers and spotlights and higher detection.

•Arid: Mars arid and Desert forces, more cloth covers and desert gear. Tan or brown with orange.

•(Artic & Tundra): forces for the cold biomes with thicker cloth covers and white armor.

•Gaurds of prison and or factory areas with black and white armor.

•A personal legion fitting tjemes of their assign general or high ranking member. (personal gaurd forces)


Grineer as of current are extremely messy; alternatively a more soulless clean legion surrounded by rounded metal structures and paths would give a more industrial ant feel, and grineer armor itself i feel should be smooth like a beetle or gritted and bumpy like a ant. Overall a more rounded insect feel would be an appealing style change for Grineer.


These are my thoughts on changes. Something that's minor in tweaks but overall a more appealing faction, but again just my thoughts! Lets hear yours!

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