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Corrupted Orokin

(XBOX)The Cheshire2

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Orokin once great rulers of Sol now lay as ashes in direlect flesh towers. Artisan masters of life and death who long perish echo with armies of puppeted soldiers who were captured by their drone masks. This reasoning for corrupted units sounds thrilling yet we dont see in game or lore how cool it can be leaving vast potential unused.


The masks

The masks are golden sygils that by lore fly out and attach too users and control them, but it feels to basic and boring. Instead I purpose a most violent machine that functions more or less like the infection forms of halo. Small drones the spread limbs through the body like a meat puppet and halt a beating heart thus leaving their bodies necrotic. Orokins were master in life and so will they in death.



Personally I'd like to see old grineer slaves and Dax warriors as a neurotic deathless army that haunt the towers of the void with corrupted golden weapons used by Orokin (lesser models than prime of course)



In fissure missions the void and reality merge in chaos with corrupted troops spilling out, but instead a rush of necrotic warriors and a flurry of golden mask that corrupt the nearest enemies would be far more entertaining display



Give vor more reason and less monologuing plz

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34 minutes ago, Dauggie said:

vor is done, there is nothing revolving him for future aspect of the game, so why bother on pointless stuff

There was a Trailer DE released years ago showing Corrupted Vor leaving the Void and the other Grineers kneeling to him. This teased that in some moment he will not be bound by the Void anymore and will seek to take control of the Grineer for him self, at least starting a faction of his own with him as their leader instead of the Queens.

There is a lot of potential left for Vor but as we learned in time, DE is not one to explore those opportunities they make them self.

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