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Weapon variety

(XBOX)The Cheshire2

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Weapon are vastly numerous throughout warframe but something struck at me as odd. What weapons are used and not just by player but by AI. Another problem I've had was the incomplete mid tier varieties... Lemme explain:


AI weapons:

AI in warframe is pretty simplistic and standardized in Warframe with entire units dedicated too one weapon such as butchers only using dual cleavers. Instead why not have a standardized class for units and allow a random weapon pool (of course the pool can me decided so it makes contextual aka no harpoon guns in desert). My idea of this would reduce number of units so its more simplified easier for AI to have a simple strategy, and it would add an element of randomization which can give more entertainment during battles like bombard with suprise kulstar. 


Mid Tier variety:

Now when i talk mid tier im mostly referencing the syndicates, wraiths, vandals...ect. These tiers add a good middle ground from basic weapon to top tier weapons (aka kuva and prime) with the ability to add lore and extra variety for both players and AI weaponry 


Tell me what you think!

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