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Some melee Block+Forward combos don't have collision or damage


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Some Block+Forward combos don't have collision detection (e.g. knockdowns) or combos don't do any damage. For example frame will pass past an enemy and the enemy won't suffer any damage/status.

Examples (mainly what's missing):

- Votive Onslaught - no knockdowns or any effect on an enemy, pass past enemy, no damage
- Slicing feathers - no knockdowns or any effect on an enemy, pass past enemy, only does damage on backward slash

- Bullet dance - no knockdowns or any effect on an enemy, pass past enemy, no damage

- Eleven storm - no knockdowns or any effect on an enemy
- Final harbinger- no knockdowns or any effect on an enemy

Those are "charge-able" - you charge your weapon and it hit where you aim; they don't need any big knockdowns or something
- Gemini cross
- Sovereign Outcast

- Astral Twilight - no knockdowns or any effect on an enemy



- frame shouldn't pass an enemy - it should "stick" to it

- apply some sort knockdowns or some stuns (depending on force of movement) if combos are doing some sort jumps at enemy, backflips/frontflips, charge at an enemy and maybe other movement.

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oh its new

it was actually the melee nerf

read patch note



a nerf of speed mods would have been better for real

cause now i dont feel any power while using melee aside heavy atacks

and i usually dont stack speed mods cause the animation look awfull after XD so it wouldnt had any effect on me

but instead we got this :(

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This is the only thing I could find on melee changes in patch notes. Not really much info there.

Looks like they removed stagger from most stances but if certain stances are just doing no damage on specific combos it has to be a bug and should be reported. 

When I log on tomorrow I'll go through stances and see if I can find any other combos that do no damage. 

On 2021-03-19 at 7:18 AM, [DE]Megan said:


For those Tenno who don’t tune into Devstreams, we are actively reviewing the divide between Melee and Primary weapons in terms of power and lethality. A lot of Tenno have made cases that ‘Primary weapons just can’t compete with Melee’, and we agree. We are planning on doing a full detailed review of this and giving players a detailed workshop on what’s on our minds. That will come in the next few weeks. 

However, we have one single change in this Update to Melee. The majority of all guaranteed enemy staggers on Melee hits have been removed. A few remain in neutral, forward block and neutral block combos. What this change does in practice is effectively removes the infinite Crowd Control melee attacking provided. The Crowd Control potential stacked with the scaling Damage potential was an area we could immediately change to give players a chance to try out this single tweak in the context of the current game. 

This change is rather small in a practical sense, and after you’ve played missions with the change, please let us know what you think.  

Other Melee Changes:

  • Reduced the forward movement of the Warfan Heavy Attack.

  • Reflection Mod changed from “Damage reflected during Channeled blocking” to:

    • +40% Chance to Stagger on Block

    • +10% Chance to Stun on Block

    • Increased from common to uncommon

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One thing, some attacks legit lost their hitboxes from melee 2.0 to 2.99998.

Rempo Toyale (aka the butchered Tempo Royale) for example on its block foward has a massive gap on its sides (despite the weapon being there) on certain parts of the animation due to the way the animations got cut apart and those bits of the attack likely having their hitbox detections on the prior and followup attack that got lost in trimming (which is extra funny because it had its attack order shuffeled which it didnt need to since the current static combo that moves you faster than its forward combo was already perfect in movement as the old block foward).

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