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Call of the Tempestarii: Prime Vault: Hotfix 30.0.8 +

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Thanks for the unvault.  *sadly wipes Lokis tears away*



Those are some nice changes:

vor 18 Minuten schrieb [DE]Rebecca:

Added functionality to Aim Glide in Relays! 

Reduced the frequency of defensive electrical shocks while you’re attacking a Priority Target during Corpus Railjack missions (even more when it’s also a Void Storm!)


In addition to this:

vor 18 Minuten schrieb [DE]Rebecca:

Fixed UI notification for Mastery Rank 30 Blessings not being broadcasted to all players in the Relay.

The Frames displayed are not on the middle:




And waypoints are still getting worse (second dream content spoiler in pic):



Door is open and there is still a marker, but only on one side now.
(And no it didn't disappear when I moved on.)

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vor 6 Minuten schrieb [DE]Rebecca:

Updated Shock Absorber Mod description to reflect its actual function: +20% Physical Damage Resistance (At Max Rank). We have also changed its categorization as an Exilus Mod into a normal Mod. 

  • Contrary to its previous description of “+20% Damage Resistance on Knockdown” it did not require knockdown to give resistance. This has seemed to be the case since its release and due to its relatively low discussion rates it was a complete oversight that it was not working as described. When deciding whether to match the description text or existing effect, we considered that unlike Mods like Diamond Skin and Flame Repellent which provide damage type specific resistances, Shock Absorber, which covered all Physical Damage types, was considered an Exilus. So we have removed its Exilus classification as it better fits in with the other damage resistance Mods. 

Maybe the mod should get buffed if apperently exactly 0 people where using it.

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Thanks for the update! Any plans to change the rewards of Void Storms? Right now, there's literally no reason to me to play them to crack relics, as I already have sevagoth and his weapon, normal fissures are just way faster

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I wish you would have fixed the Commodore Prime suit before unvaulting it. It is broken since the Fortuna update when you remodelled operators

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  • [DE]Megan changed the title to Call of the Tempestarii: Prime Vault: Hotfix 30.0.8 +

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