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Pluto Proxima Mission Issue.

(XBOX)Kyng Siah

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Good afternoon,

I hope all is well. However I'm here to address the issues in one of the Pluto Proxima missions. To begin with, the defense mission in the Obol Crossing, will always glitch to where one of my objectives disappears or I will be stuck in one position. The indicator will disappear, the enemy fire jets will cease to be, and I would fail the mission. This also takes place in Volatile missions as well. When this occurs, I can't teleport to my railjack or I would be confined at the objective. This has been going on for three days and it's disconcerting. The video below will surmise one of the issues. I've tried restarting the game, restarting my xbox one, and rebooting my internet. But it's to no avail. I'm not here to bring harsh criticism. I just have one request. Can you please rectify this issue?

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