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Similar Limitations/Problems in Diablo 2 as Warframe


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This is a funny video from Carbots Animations. He makes parody cartoons of games... but mostly Blizzard games. His Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 cartoons are hilarious!



So yeah... look at that! Look what he's asking for! Doesn't it all sound familiar? How funny is that! And Diablo 3 has a lot of similar (though different) limitations/problems as Warframe too!

  1. In-game information (rather than look it up on a website).
    • Of course! We use Warframe wiki for information and there's no tutorials or anything
  2. In-game clan space (we got Dojos already )
    • Although Battle.net had clan channels for a decade or more.
    • And Battle.net supported custom moderation bots before proper clan channels were implemented.
  3. PvP
    • Dedicated PvP area (we got that )... just as a reminder, you could Hostile anyone at any time and anywhere in Diablo 2. Town portal (TP) back to town, hostile someone and then come back PK that someone in an otherwise PvE environment.
    • Interesting PvP "Betting" idea. I don't think we at Warframe would care about betting prime parts on PvP duels.
  4. Buffing unused skills (sound familiar?)
    • Explicitly requests not to nerf good skills LOL.
  5. Finish Act 4 quests
    • I seem to remember this... Act 4 had less story and fewer things to do than other quests (and similar happens in Diablo 3)
    • We have lots of unfinished/unpolished story quests in Warframe that remind me of this phenomena

Pretty funny how a 20 year old game has some similar problems/limitations as Warframe.

While I liked Diablo 2 a lot... I'm not really sure I will buy Diablo 2 Resurrected. I don't know if want to support the current fake Blizzard.

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Wish it were as simple as a 'fake' Blizzard. 

The main issue is this woke/converged Blizzard isn't even the Blizzard of ten years ago, much less that of Blizzard North in their heyday. I'm waiting for reviews, since I'm pretty sure Blizzard is going to screw this up. They simply can't help themselves. 

I played D2 a lot back in the day. I'm sorta intereseted in D2R, but there's a very strong been there; done that vibe going on.

I'm curious which D2 we'll get. I'd much rather have v1.09 rather than the later ones. A lot of sub-classes and builds got sidelined by v1.10 and later. Of course, new ones appeared, but the changes to skill trees and immunities weren't entirely positive. Like a lot of these games, it was a work in progress when it was still being updated. I don't recall exactly where the game finally fossilized. 

A lot of stuff Blizz is adding to this game doesn't interest me all that much. I doubt I'd spend much time in multiplayer since my usual friends don't seem interested in it and in PuGs it was little more than a gankfast. Not fun then, won't be fun now. Another case of PvP being out of place and negatively affecting a mostly PvE experience. 

Nostalgia is a strong draw and having D2R on console is tempting, but I also see some issues with control. D2 back when had a lot of hotkeys going on. Controllers might be a problem. I doubt it'll have KB&M support because reasons. We'll wait for reviews and see what's what when it goes live. 


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