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Big UI QoL Suggestion: "Highlighted Item" Toggles


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For a while now, I've been noticing and feeling constantly distracted by the popup and ding at the bottom left of the screen when I pick up certain items. This used to be reserved for items such as argon crystals, blueprints, unidentified items and misc. items such as a fully built forma from a reinforced container etc. but now the popup can be constant.

For example, today I was noticing a lot of 'Lucent Teroglobe' popups and this is a perfect example of certain common items constantly flooding your screen, I have 3196 of that item and it drops in bundles of 4/6 etc. so as you can imagine, that's a lot of popups we've been getting for an item of no particular interest at all. This takes away the value of the system, when everything is highlighted, nothing is. There are rarer things, such as the Spinal Cord that you encounter a lot less yet that item pops up at the bottom of the screen with no distinct significance. Why are some items now highligted and others not?

The solution to this is not only simple but can enhance the game for many people, in the interface options we just need one extra submenu where we can see a list of all resources and toggle if they're highlighted or not. Not only will this allow people to disable it for items they aren't interested in, bringing back it's original meaning to them but it will also allow for the inverse. Say you're farming Neurodes, Gallium or even something as simple as plastids, now you can toggle them to be highlighted! It would be a fantastic quality of life improvement and can even be easily adjusted by DE for users that have it set to "default". With any new items, they'd just be added on to the list as on or off by default until you decide you want it changed.

I really hope someone at DE sees this, it would be fantastic and I know many of us would appriciate that touch of control to our HUD popups! I'd also love to see what else could be done in this area to improve the user experience so if you have any ideas, drop them in a reply!

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It's just a very unusual system right mow, the qualifying factors seem to have vastly changed but the system itself hasn't. 

We really could do with move ing and integrating all the drop pop ups to the side with the "highlighted" resources being shown alongside them.

As for more misc. items such as a BP. They could still flash up inbetween the resources.

one way or another, we have to have a way to stop the endless pop up. Used to be rare but... Now it just sits on the screen telling us we've got something we don't care about half the time.  

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