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Chat server keeps disconnecting - WSAECONNRESET or Error Code 10054"



I really hope anyone can help me on this ... I'm at my wits end now.
My Warframe chat keeps disconnecting. Not noticeably - I see it only after I want to send a message because this then pops up:


I've been googling and trying everything these past few days - setting up my router, opening Warframes ports, allowing the ports in Windows Firewall, Google-DNS, IPv6 (which still does not work apparently) ... nothing helps. It's really annoying. And most Warframe "Error Code 10054" related google search results are mostly from 2017 and 2018.

 I've found a couple of guides like this one https://www.getdroidtips.com/fix-warframe-error-code-10054/ but it did not help. It's so frustrating .. cause when I'm - unnoticeably - disconnected I wont see private or squad messages and the first message I attempt to send will always remain unsent.  

Please, can anyone help me? :(
And be as detailed in instructions / questions as possible because - I'm not an idiot but - I'm not a tech-wiz.

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for all future people with this problem, the error is probably in your ISP.

but i have a workaround that might work... a VPN you can either pay for a vpn or use the one I found called ProtonVPN

there are only 3 free servers USA, Europe and Japan I tried the US server, my latency was around 230 (I'm from South America) pretty playable especially for a non pvp game and if you live in the US / Japan / Europe, you will probably get a lower latency

i am posting this here because it is the most recent post i found, and it might help someone

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