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Operators: The improvements the tenno needs


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Operator scean 2 by Aaronj-c


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Focus System Revisit

Void Melee Weapons

Operator Game-Modes

Operator Cosmetics

QOL, Bugs, Changes & Improvements

What I want out of Duviri Paradox


Also to see more ideas and discussions about this  (starting from page 3) type VEXX-INFO to view them and follow this post to be updated on THURSDAYS or FRIDAYS.



On the last devstream someone asked a question about operator content, they didn`t say much but from their reaction it looks like we will finally (the operator lovers) getting some operator content. Since this is the case I want to give some ideas of what I would like to see them get.



Firstly, the operators should have better mobility than what we currently have. Here are some improvements;

Sprint Speed: The operators should be able to run faster than the current speed they are at even with the passive of 30% sprint speed from the Naramon tree is still slow. The operators should at least get an extra 50% running speed to make them more usable. Also, if anyone knows how much sprint speed they have without any passives or arcanes please let me know.


This is the operator`s sprint speed with the way-bound passive (mind step) which gives 30% sprint speed. The speed is roughly the same speed as a warframe jogging. 

Operator GIF 1 by Aaronj-c


This is the operator`s sprint speed with the tenno speed buff from disruption. Look at the complete difference, this should be the operator`s base sprint speed.

Operator GIF 2. by Aaronj-c


This is the operator`s ludicrous sprint speed with the tenno buff and from arcane cadence that gives you 90% sprint speed.

Operator GIF 2 by Aaronj-c


With all those speed buffs this is how far the operator can jump.

Operator GIF 3 by Aaronj-c


Jump Hight: Operators should either be able to do a double jump or holding the button should make them jump higher to make them be able to get to higher platforms.

Operator GIF 13 gravity by Aaronj-c


Wall Run: I would like to see them be able to perform parkour moves. Even though void dashing gets you to where you want to be faster sometimes it`s uncontrollable and it`s not fun but seeing the operator performing a wall run would be fun to watch and another alternative to get around places.


Dodging/knockdown Recovery: Even through their dodge is sliding I think it should be dramatic like the knockdown recovery they have when shooting certain amps but instead work when enemies knock them down. Since they don`t have that much of survivability, this would be a very useful mechanic plus it would be fun to watch.

Operator GIF 7. by Aaronj-c

Operator GIF 7.. by Aaronj-c

Operator GIF 7 by Aaronj-c


Fly Kick/Slide Kick: Fly kicking is one of the most underused manoeuvres in warframe. Because warframes are powerful, a fly kick is underpowered but since operators are not as powerful as them, I think this move would be fitting for them. When they fly kick an enemy, they should receive a small ragdoll also, they should be able to do a slide kick (like in Ninja Gaiden) where the enemy should receive a knockdown. (combined with the slide we currently have)

Operator GIF 5 by Aaronj-c




Edge Grab: Although operators can perform this, It`s not reliable. The only thing I’ll say is it needs to be more consistent for it to be useable.

Operator GIF 4 by Aaronj-c


Chimera Prologue Dash:  This feature in the prologue was fun, I`m hoping that we get this dash after we complete the new war quest. In the environment, there can be dash points where operators can dash to. (like in the amazing spider-man games web dash) If they added an operator game mode where it`s about stealth, this dash ability would be a perfect fit.


Enemy Vaulting: Operators being able to do this makes them more versatile in getting an advantage on enemies. As for how it works, if the operator jumps onto an enemy, it will automatically vault them up into the air, holding the jump button will make them vault over them getting behind them.


Running on ziplines: Watching them do this is fun however, once again, it`s doesn’t happen all the time which makes it unreliable. This needs a fix that makes it more consistent and when operators are on a zipline the should move faster and when jumping off, the should get a jump boost.

Operator GIF 10 by Aaronj-c


If the operator can do this it will make them enjoyable to play and make moments like this satisfying.


Operator GIF 6 by Aaronj-c

Operator GIF 8 by Aaronj-c

Operator GIF 17 by Aaronj-c

Warframe 20210904183114 by Aaronj-c




Focus System Revisit

When this was introduced, I was hyped, it was a grind but I’m glad I got them all done that being said the issues I have with this is that they support the warframes more than the operators so the point of these changes is to make operators good on their own and not to be a tool for warframes. Some will be replaced with new abilities and some will switch places with another school.

The focus of these changes is to improve and make them useable for both warframe and (most importantly) operator gameplay, also bold writing means changes.



Here are the abilities from focus 2.0



# Focus Madurai 1 by Aaronj-c

# Focus Madurai 2 by Aaronj-c

# Focus Madurai 3 by Aaronj-c



# Focus Naramon 1 by Aaronj-c

# Focus Naramon 2 by Aaronj-c

# Focus Naramon 3 by Aaronj-c



# Focus Zenurik 1 by Aaronj-c

# Focus Zenurik 2 by Aaronj-c

# Focus Zenurik 3 by Aaronj-c



# Focus vazarin 1 by Aaronj-c

# Focus vazarin 2 by Aaronj-c

# Focus vazarin 3 by Aaronj-c



# Focus Unairu 1 by Aaronj-c

# Focus Unairu 2 by Aaronj-c

# Focus Unairu 3 by Aaronj-c


Focus 2.0 improvements




Phoenix talons

·      Physical Damage increased by 50 %.


Phoenix spirit

·      Elemental Damage increased by 50%.


Inner gaze

·      Increase Energy for Amps and Void Beam by 50%


Void radiance

·      Consumes 25 energy on leaving Void Mode to blind enemies within 10m for 7s.


Void strike

·      On leaving Void Mode the next 15 attacks dealing 20% additional damage for every second spent cloaked. Cloak consumes 2 additional energy per second.

·      Using auto/beam weapons will take 15 seconds before it depleted.


Flame blast

·      The explosion has a 10m radius.


Rising blast

·      This also increases the status duration by 50%.


Blazing dash

·      Void Dash leaves a trail of fire that deals 1000 damage/s over 20s. Void Dash will now set enemies on fire instead of displacing them.




Mind step

·      Increase the movement speed of the Operator by 50%.


Void stalker

·      Void Mode increases Critical Chance of melee attacks by up to 50% over 2s. This chance gradually decreases over 30s when the Operator leaves Void Mode. This ability costs an additional 2 energy/s.

·      If operators get melee weapons, it will work for them also.


Void hunter

·      Void Mode reveals enemies within 30m through walls. This will stay active up to 20s before it disappears when the Operator leaves Void Mode. This ability costs an additional 1 energy per second.


Executing blast

·      It will open enemies up to finishers and increase finisher damage taken by 50%. (swapped with Executing Dash)

·      Enemies affected will have a coloured highlight indicator on them (colour is depending on chosen energy colour).

·      Enemies hit with void blast will be knocked back instead of a small ragdoll (similar to enemies affected by Ash`s smoke screen)


Disarming blast

·      Enemies hit by Void Blast will have a 100% chance to be disarmed.



Disorienting dash

·      Void dash has a 50% chance of confusing enemies for 20s, causing them to be unable to distinguish friend and foe. (swapped with Disorienting Blast)

·      Enemies affected will have visual radiation indicator.


Surging dash

·      Creates a wave while dashing, increasing the damage by 60% and the area of effect around the Operator by 12m.

·      Enemies hit will have a slash proc which can stack with multiple dashes.


Power spike

·      If operators ever have melee weapons this will work on them also.




Rejuvenating tide

·      Increase health regeneration of the Operator by 7 per second.


Void aegis

·      Show the radius of the protective bubble.

·      Instead of holding it, make it a press to activate it then press again to deactivate it.


Guardian shell

·      Beam attacks won`t ignore the shield.

·      Once you hold the ability you don`t have to keep holding it to keep the shield up. Pressing it again will deactivate it.

·      Shield can resist knockdowns.


Guardian blast

·      This also gives operators shields to a cap of 1,000.


Sonic dash

·      Void Dash no longer displaces enemies, instead it emits a shockwave 14m wide and travels 8m levitating enemies in the air it hits for 15 seconds.




Basilisk scales

·      Increase armour for the Operator by 500%.


Sundering dash

·       There is a visual indicator to identify which enemies are affected.


Crippling dash

·      Dashing through an enemy will reduce their damage by 70%.

·      There is a visual indicator to identify which enemies are affected.


Void spines

·      100% of damage and status damage taken is returned to the attacker.

·      The amount of damage reflected will ramp up overtime.

·      After 5 seconds of not being damaged or operator transferring back to the warframe will reset the damage reflected.


Stone skin

·      Increase armour for Warframe and operator by 300.    


Petrifying stance (Reworked) Void shadow

·      Void Mode has a 70% chance to petrify enemies within a 20m radius for 15 seconds. This ability costs an additional 4 energy/s per enemy petrified.


Void chrysalis

·      Void Mode reduces damage taken by allies within 25m by 80%. This ability costs an additional 4 energy/s. (not invisible, just allies)

·      Their will be a visual indicator on allies affected.


Unairu wisp

·      Void Blast has a 100% chance to summon a Wisp when it damages an enemy. The Wisp can be picked up by allies to increase Operator damage by 100% for 15 seconds.




Here is the link to all the focus schools and their abilities



Void Melee Weapons

Since operators have void abilities, I think operators should be able to use melee weapons. This is something that I and other people have wanted to see happen. So, I’m going to talk about what I would like out of this when this happens.

Usable weapons:


·       Swords

·       Duel swords

·       Rapiers

·       Daggers

·       Duel daggers

·       Glaives

·       Hammers

·       Heavy blades

·       Tonfa

·       Fists

·       Sparring

·       Claws

·       Polearms

·       Staff

·       Whips


Traits of melee weapon:


·       The melee weapons that operators use are made up of void energy, they can summon it from within themselves (visually like excel 4th ability).

·       Since it`s pure void energy, the colour is based on the operators energy colour.

·       Void weapons will work the same way as normal melee weapons. (option)

·       The weapons have their own stance however you can also use existing stance mods on them.

·       blocking incoming damage to give them survivability by giving operators 90% damage reduction.

·       Void damage will be included with the other stats.

·       When attacking an enemy, any bullets that stray near the enemy your attacking will reflect the damage back at the enemy that fired them. (the opposite to bullet attractor)

·       Using void weapons will use the same button as the one using void blast. To use void melee, you have to hold the button.

·       If the operators have their void melee weapon equipped while transferring into the warframe, the operator will have it equipped still when transferring out.

·       Operator can preform melee finishers while in void mode.

·       Since this does mostly void damage, they are highly effective against sentient enemies.


You can use any melee weapon with the operators, however, using a certain weapon will give bonus stats for the weapon and the operator.



Signature weapons:

Swords, Duel swords, Tonfa, Fists, Sparring & Claws.



Preforming aerial attacks will send out an energy wave that has a 70% chance for enemies to burst into flames.

Operator receives 70% resistance to status effects.

·       Void melee weapons will benefit from phoenix talons, phoenix spirit and void strike.

·       The energy wave from aerial attacks will benefit from void strike and phoenix spirit

·       If enemies don`t burst into flames from the fire wave, it will do void damage instead.

·       The energy wave will only benefit from void and status damage.

·       The wave can reach up to 10m with an 8m radius.

·       Energy waves has damage fall-off.

·       Can trigger stealth damage bonuses.

·       Can headshot enemies.




Signature weapons:

Swords, Rapiers, Glaives, Sparring, Polearms, Staff & Whips.



Doing a slide attack will send a cone wave the will hold enemies in the air.

Operator has 500 shields.

·       The cone wave will reach up to 15m with a 180 angle.

·       Enemies will be held in the air for 7 seconds.

·       Preforming another slide attack will not reset the duration of enemies held in the air.

·       There is no limit to how many enemies can be held by this.

·       Using this on sentients will halt their movements and attacks.

·       The colour of the cone wave uses operator`s energy colour.




Signature weapons:

Swords, Duel swords, Daggers, Duel daggers, Glaives, Sparring & Claws.



While blocking, enemies attacks will be reflected at them, breaking their defences, making them more susceptible to damage by 50% for 10 seconds.

Operator receives 30% running speed.

·       Void melee weapons will benefit from affinity spike, power spike, void stalker & executing dash.

·       Enemies vulnerable from reflected attacks will be dealt more damage from using surging dash.

·       Reflected attacks will instantly affect the enemies.

·       Reflecting attacks from enemies will have a 60% chance to stagger them.

·       The stagger will last two seconds.

·       Enemies being weaker to damage cannot stack with multiple uses however then stagger can be used again however, the chance of the proc is reduced to 40%.

·       Affected enemies will have a mark above them to indicate which enemies are weakened. Mark colour is determined by operator`s energy colour.

·       Warframe and weapon damage can take advantage of this.

·       Using this on sentients will permanently strip them of their invulnerability and can be killed easily.

·       The extra 30% running speed will stack with mind step.




Signature weapons:

Rapiers, Glaives, Hammers, Polearms, Staff & Whips.



Melee weapons have and extra 10m range and each enemy hit will receive a cold proc with 200% status duration.

 Operator`s attacks with melee weapon will steel 25 of enemies` health. This will also give over-health.

·       Polearms, staffs and whips will benefit greatly from weapon passive.

·       Signature weapon passive makes it to where you can hit multiple enemies with one swing.

·       The amount of over-health the operator can receive can reach up to 700.

·       Enemies affected by the ice proc will have a 200% status duration.

·       Sentients will also be affected by the cold proc.




Signature weapons:

Hammers, Heavy blades, Tonfa, Fists, Sparring & Polearms.



Slam attacks caused an AOE that enemies to be ragdolls and adds 600 slam damage.

Operator receives 500 armour.

·       Void spines will work when blocking with melee weapon.

·       Melee slam has a 12m radius.

·       Enemies within 5m will receive the full damage of slam attacks.

·       Unairu wisp can increase melee slam damage.

·       Enemies affected by sundering dash will suffer more damage from melee slam damage.

·       Operator bonus armour can scale off on stone skin and basilisk scales.

·       Slam attacks can also halt sentients movement and attacks plus ragdoll them.


Void Rage

Void weapons have a gauge that can be filled up by killing enemies. When this happens, the operator is in a powerful state that increases melee damage, attack speed and amplify weapon bonuses.

·       Void rage will last one minute.

·       Upon activation, operator will scream in rage surrounded by an aura (operator`s energy colour)

Visually the weapon is broken, then as the operator kills enemies it start to become whole and when it does you can activate void rage.

Operator void sword by Aaronj-c


Amplified bonuses:


Aerial attacks will ignite into flames instantly, reach up to 20m and will release three energy waves.



Held enemies are affected by radiation and enemies shooting enemies held up will have their shots reflected at them knocking them down.



Enemies with a mark will be affected by gas damage and preforming an aerial attack will zip the operator towards enemies within 20m.


Operator void daggers by Aaronj-c



Melee weapon range is increased to 15m and can hit through obstacles and walls.



Slam attack AOE sends out a radial wave reaches 20m and affected enemies receive 30% reduced movement speed for 10 seconds.


If operators were to use melee weapons, they would be fun a heck (especially with the Naramon focus school). 


Operator Game-Modes

This is something that needs to happen, we have operators but we don`t have much that`s exclusive to them only.

Since the operators are here, we need some operator only game-modes that can make use of their movement and abilities.


This is a mission where you use operators that can benefit from warframe abilities however you can only use operators and the only thing your chosen warframe can do in the mission is sprint and cast abilities that can affect them.

Effective warframes:

Volt - 2nd 3rd

Wisp - 1st

Harrow - 2nd 3rd 4th

These warframes provide useful buffs or abilities that operators can use while in the mission from ranging from damage to survivability.


Warframe 20220131114438 by Aaronj-c


Here is a game-mode I came up with back in 2018 where it`s a mission with eight objectives and each of them evolves around the focus schools which means each of the focus schools are useful in each mission.

New game-mode: Operation Havoc


Inspiration: Sonic the hedgehog 2006, resident evil, Dadefuye (wf youtuber), law of retribution (warframe)

Main objective: The enemy is experimenting on a new infected creature to make it stronger and to control it. They plan to mass produce it and unleash it on anyone that opposes them. You and the team must infiltrate the enemy strong hold and neutralise the creature.

Mission infiltrate by Aaronj-c


Need to know:

·        A total of eight operators can participate.

·       There are 5 mission that require one of each focus schools which me there are 3 spaces to pick the same focus trees.

·       If 2 players have chosen the zenurik focus another player cannot pick zenurik.

·        Before the mission starts you can wait for players to join squad.

·        You will be able to revive each other.

·        You will have four revives.

·        If you lose all four revives, you won`t be able to participate in the game. At this point you have the choice to either stay until the end or leave the mission.

·        You also can revive yourself after counter reaches zero.

·        In-between mission rooms there are parkour sections e.g. ziplines. (just for fun)

·        Some operator abilities will change and altered in certain missions.

The mission starts by you and the team skydiving off your ship where you are in control (I love games that do this).


Mission 1: Locate two enemies with the keys, unlock the door, reach it before it closes and let your team in.

Mission 1 by Aaronj-c


Need to know:

·        Your need to get into the base without being seen.

·        Enemies can easily detect fast movement which will alert them.

·        Operators cannot use void dash in this mission.  

·        Enemies will have a detection bar above their heads.

·        If the detection bar fills up but the enemy doesn’t see you, it will take 15 seconds before they are unalerted again.

·        The door will have 12 lasers that that move up and down that you will have to avoid.

·        While someone is getting the keys there are 6 locks that need to be hacked which the other players will have to hack.

·        Each of the locks will have to be hacked within 12 seconds, if one is hacked within 7 seconds they will remove the laser, under 12 seconds will stop the movement of the laser, if they fail to hack it the laser will continue to move and will reveal footprints it which the enemies will follow.

·         If you trip the laser the alarm will go off.

·         After avoiding the lasers there are another 7 locks that needs to be hacked.

·         After all locks have been hacked the floor will electrocute which will kill all the enemies and your teammates can follow you into the base.

·        If an enemy sees you will sound the alarms which will spawn more enemies.

·        When that happens, you will trigger a countdown.

·        Multiple enemies are guarding the entrance with weaponry that will slow down operator`s movement.

·        If the enemies set the alarm off or if teammates get to the other side but not achieved within time limit, there will be a penalty in mission two.

·        If an operator doesn’t reach the gate in time they will lose a life but will revive with the team.

·        Only two operators can complete mission one. Anymore have a chance to detected multiple enemies.


Operator: Naramon

·        The naramon operator is the only one that can use void dash in this mission.

·        Operator can use void hunter to track down the enemies and to locate the keys to pickpocket them.

·        To avoid being stunned operator can disarm enemies with disarming blast.

·        Operator can cause a distraction with disorienting blast.

·        Operator is fast enough to reach the door before it closes with mind step and mind sprint.

·         Two naramon operators can make the mission easier.


Mission 2: Hack to retrieve two sentinels and guide it safely across the magnetic flooring to be extracted.

Mission 2 by Aaronj-c

Need to know:

·        There will be a timer showing how quick you complete the mission.

·        There are three time marks 5min, 10min and 15min

·        Depending on how quick you take the sentinels to be extracted will depend on its performance in the final mission.

·        There will be a penalty in the next mission if you exceed the max time limit.

·        The ground you walk on will drain your energy.

·        There will be platforms for you to go to regenerate your energy, but it will prevent the sentinels from moving.

·        The sentinels` movement will be operated by operator`s energy.

·        There will be enemies using lasers that will slow the movement of the kart carrying the sentinels by aiming at them behind bulletproof window.

·        There will be enemies trying to stop you.

·        Penalty from mission 1: Operator`s energy will not regenerate.


Operator: Zenurik

·        Operator can regenerate teammates energy by using energizing dash.

·        Since enemies behind windows can’t get shot at only zenurik operator can use lightning dash to zip into the antenna above the sentinels to channel to enemies to kill them.

·        Operator can use void static to move the sentinels faster.

·        Enemies can be slowed down from reaching the lasers by using temporal blast.

Mission 3: Steal and protect the railgun until time runs out.

Mission 3 by Aaronj-c

Need to know:

·        You will have 5 minutes to protect the railgun.

·        The air is polluted with nanobots that eat way at shields and health.

·        Nanobots will eat away at shields first then health of the operators.

·        There are hidden switches that will vacuum the pollution which will stop health and shield drain for 30secs. There are only two and can only be used twice.

·        Enemies will be trying to destroy the railgun.

·        The railgun being destroyed will be a penalty in the final mission.

·        The health of the railgun in the final mission will depend on how much is left after duration of the mission.

·        Penalty from mission 2: The team will have to protect the railgun for 10 min.


Operator: Vazarin

·        Operator can protect the cannons using void aegis however it will only last 20 seconds. It can protect operators from enemy shots but not from the pollution.

·        Operator can give shields to team using guardian blast.

·        Teammates can be instantly revived by mending soul.

·        Protective dash can help with teammate`s survivability.


Mission 4: Kill as much enemies as you can within the time limit.

Mission 4 by Aaronj-c

Need to know:

·        Floods of enemies will try to attack you.

·        There will be an indicator that will show how many enemies you need to eliminate.

·        There are drones that will protect enemies from damage.

·        Drones are immune to void attacks.

·        Drones make enemies immune to attacks even when drone is destroyed.

·        Enemies can still see you even if you’re invisible.

·        Enemies have increased armour and deal heavy damage.

·        The number of enemies left in the room after countdown reaches zero will determine how many enemies will appear in the final mission.


Operator: Unairu

·        Void chrysalis can reduce the teams` damage taken by enemies.

·        Hitting drones with magnetic blast can use enemies’ bullets to destroy them.

·        Providing the team with unairu wisps can deal damage to enemies that are immune by the drones.

·        Sundering dash can reduce enemy’s armour.

·        Enemies` damage can be reduced by using crippling dash.


Mission 5: Breach the gate to get to the next mission.

Mission 5 by Aaronj-c

Need to know:

·        There will be an indicator showing the percentage of completion.

·        Enemies behind a window will come and release a flood of oobleck.

·        The flood of oobleck will lead to the gate.

·        There will be drones that will come and constantly shoot at the oobleck to barricade the door which the operators need to destroy.

·        When the oobleck reaches the gate the percentage number will stop.

·        There is an extractor fan beneath the oobleck to drain it to continue to breach the gate.

·        Enemies will try to stop you.

·        You can run, jump and dash on the oobleck but stop moving and you will sink.

·        One operator will need to go beneath the oobleck to hit the switch to turn on the extractor fan.


Operator: Madurai

·        Using blazing dash in front of the oobleck can help evaporate and slow down the oobleck from reaching the gate.

·        Operator can use flaming blast to shoot the switch while under the oobleck and can be used to evaporate it.

·        Void strike can help increase the evaporation speed of the oobleck.

·        Void radiance can be used to blind all the drones at once to temporally stop them from shooting at the oobleck.


Mission 6: Steal an emp bomb, two keys and rescue a drone to reach the core to destroy the facility.


Need to know:

·        On reaching to this mission there is a crossroads. The left path (road one) leads to the emp bomb and the right path (road two) reaches to the drone.

·        In the middle is a terminal that must be hacked to bring down the laser barrier to enter the core. Deactivating the laser will only last 2 seconds.

·        Three operators will go one side, another three will go the other side and two will remain behind.

·        The operators that’s staying behind must protect the terminal from being destroyed by enemies.

·        If The terminal is destroyed, the drone will have to come to repair it after being retrieved.

·        The left side will be an obstacle/ parkour room.

·        The right side will be a path of enemies that will try to stop you.

·        On both paths there is another split path.

·        One side (road one) will lead to the key and the other leads to the emp bomb.

·        Same with the other side (road two) one will lead to the drone and the other to the key.

·        One operator on each side (road one & two) must stand on the switch to hold the doors open to let the other operators go through each of the doors and must stay behind to keep it open.

·        There are seven hidden orbs in this mission, finding them could be a big benefit.

·        Upon reaching the emp, drone and key, they must hack the door to retrieve them.

·        When coming back, one operator must hack the terminal for the operator with the emp bomb to pass through to place it next to the laser barrier to disable it.

·        After the barriers down place the two keys on each side of the entrance to open the doors.

·        The drone will disable the shield barrier to expose the core, go into the core and then the operators can destroy the drone to blow up the core.


Operator: All


The chase: Escape the worm

Need to know:

·        With the core destroyed it shuts down the systems and the location the worm was kept and now it`s released and is now going on a rampage chasing the team.

·        There will be obstacles in your way to slow you down.

·        There will be ziplines, pits, energy pool that will drain energy, flamethrowers and rubble that will slow you down.

·        The worm cannot take damage.

·        Energy won`t regenerate when uses void abilities. Void abilities can be used three time while void dash can only be used once.

·        There are explosives in the tunnel that will cause a cave in.

·        Enemies will be trying to stop you.

·        If worm hits you, you will be knocked down and will start syphoning your health.

·        To escape use void blast however you will be infected with a toxin proc which will drain your health for 10 seconds and makes you leave a infested trail behind you.

·                 If your team mates step on it, they will also be infected.

·        Crouching will not make you immune to the worms` hit.


Operators: All

·        Zenurik can regenerate teammates energy by using energizing dash.

·        Madurai can detonate the explosives using fire blast to slow down the worm.

·        Naramon can distract the worm by using disorienting blast on an enemy.

·        Vazarin can give immunity to remove the infection stop health drain from operators by using protective dash.

·        Unairu can dash at the worm to stop its movement by 3 seconds and is the only operator that is immune to the worm`s hits when crouching.


Mission 7: Defeat the worm


Worm by Aaronj-c

Need to know:

·        The boss will have three stages when defeating it depending on how much health is left. Worm form, mutated form (half health) and berserker state (low health).

·        Someone will have to take the sentinels to control them to hold the boss in place (from mission 2).

·        In worm form you have to get it`s shields down until till it has none left. Then the sentinels will shoot lasers to hold the worm into place and then someone must charge up the railgun to damage it. You must do this twice until stage two.

·        In mutated stage you have to shoot two weak points on its arms to weaken it, the sentinels will hold it in place then use the railgun to damage it (from mission 3). You must do the three times until stage three.

·        In berserker state you have to shoot four weak points on its arms and legs then all operators must dash into it to weaken it, the sentinels will hold it in place then use the railgun to damage it.


Boss fighting behaviour:


Each time it`s health goes down it mutates and gets more dangerous.

Worm attacks: It can spit acid and suck them into its mouth dealing damage and charge at operators.

Mutated attacks: In this form, it will grow two arms. It can charge at operators, hit them with its hands and can use its tail as a whip.

Mutated berserker state attacks: In this form it grows two legs and is on all fours. It hits the ground causing aoe damage and bring down debris, vomits an acid pool, uses its tail as a whip and lunges at the operators.


Advantages and Penalties:


·        If you complete missions 1-5 within time limits and with no penalties, you will be able to bring back fallen allies.

·        If you find all orbs from mission 6 the whole team will get one extra revive.

·        Completing mission 2 under 5 min will hold boss instantly, under 10 min will take 2 seconds, under 15 will take 4 seconds and over 15 will take 6 seconds. In that 6 seconds there is a chance that the boss could break free.

·        The number of shields and health left from the railgun from mission 3 will carry over.

·        If the railgun is destroyed, your team will have to work together to take the boss down using your amps.

·        The number of enemies that were left from mission 4 will appear to stop you.


Operator: All

·        Zenurik can slow boss down with temporal blast.

·        Madurai can do more damage and channel void strike into the railgun.

·        Naramon can stop boss from shooting at the team for 4 seconds using disarming blast (10 sec timer on use).

·        Vazarin can support the team with abilities and block worm`s attacks with guardian shell.

·        Unairu can support the team with protection and damage with abilities.

·        After defeating the boss, a door will open for your team to clam the rewards.

·       The grineer set of the self-destruct sequence (5 min) then the lotus will tell you to get to extraction.

·       The lotus sends down k-drives so you and the team can extract.

·       During this time, you will be avoiding obstacles and debris.


At the end there is a cinematic of the facility exploding as you escape on your k-drives escaping the facility.


As for this part I’m not going to take credit for, I can`t remember who said but this person basically said that instead of gaining focus by putting lenses on warframes and weapons, it would be better to get focus by a specialised mission for operators that an NPC gives based on the focus school you are currently with.

For example

Madurai mission – exterminate all enemies (infested enemies)

Naramon – mission – Infiltrate into a base and steel classifies intel on enemies` weaknesses and patrol routes.


If it`s from a syndicate:

Arbiters of Hexis – Complete challenges that will better your skills.

Steel Meridian – Storm into the base, rescue prisoners and escort them to extraction (obviously more interesting than this)

This will make getting focus more interesting and for the people that have done it already will get other rewards that only the people that have completed upgrading the focus schools will receive.


Operators can also be used in conclave in fact I think they should replace warframe to give them a use. There could be a game-mode where you have to find 6 parts for you necromech, build it then you can use it to defeat you rivals.

Here is how it works:


·        You play as the operator and you are with other operators and you have to search for six parts for your necromech, once you find them you have to repair it, get in it and annihilate the operators.

·       At the start operators can`t use any weapons or any focus school abilities except the way-bound passives.

·       Void dash is disabled.

·       When searching for the necromech parts it makes a sound when you’re near them.

·       At this time, you can also find three pickups in hidden areas where you can activate it from your gear wheel. One gives you the ability to void dash for 20 seconds, one makes you able to cast a decoy to where the person using the necromech can`t see the difference and a pickup that gives the necromech an explosive weapon for them to use for 20 seconds.

·       The parts are colour coded (red, orange, yellow, blue, green and purple)

·       You can pick up a necromech part of a colour you have picked up before.


Also their could be K-drive races where the gameplay is like mario karts.

Here is a post I put up about how it works.

If you have any ideas for operator only missions put them here.


Operator Cosmetics

I put up a post on the warframe forums and on reddit back in March last year asking if we could have the armour from the Erra quest and to my surprise a couple of months later the Bishamo armour is now purchasable from Teshin and now It my most favourite armour in the game.



But I’m not satisfied I WANT MORE!

The crew members can wear armour pieces and syandanas if they can use them why can`t operators do the same thing? it would be sick if this was a thing.

Here is a post that @(NSW)Gamer-Steve has put up about it. 



I have an idea of armour pieces made out of resources. It could be a possible reward where you receive a blueprint and depending on what resources you use will determine the visual appearance like Argon Crystal Armour or Oxium Armour.

There are three different visual versions of the (argon crystal) armour, adding more of the same resource will change its appearance. The point of this is that you can decide to choose two more appearance options if you don`t like the first look.


When it comes to suits, I would like to see outfits like Egyptian armour, a sick Japanese outfit, a roman inspired armour even a trench coat look but the one thing I want to see them most is a suit with a HOOD, we technically have two but one covers the face and the other one when closed look like bloody Globox which looks weird.


Operator globox by Aaronj-c

It would be sick to run around dodging and running with a hood.

The possibilities are endless...


Ninja gaiden legendary black falcon evolution by Aaronj-c

Operator g outfit by Aaronj-c

Plus-size-egyptian-goddess-costume-update1 by Aaronj-c


Maxresdefault by Aaronj-c

kq-hH0BrrHVidKSZG1B7Dt91tW4M9pnTE9883k6AROE by Aaronj-c

70446ac287bfca0ab05353b34150942e by Aaronj-c


Operator outfits by Aaronj-c


kasumi Art 015 by Aaronj-c


E4339d30156549cdc18c59c12ba0cae1 by Aaronj-c


Shante by Aaronj-c



It would also be sick if they could do something unique besides looking sick like preforming an action which will do something like the syandanas from the syndicates or for it to glow in the dark.

Since we have armour that the dax wore I would like to see some syndicate themed suites (Arbiters), warframe themed suites (like an Ash suite)

I would like to wear the Grinner armour in the footage from the cinematic shown at tennocon.


#G armor 1 by Aaronj-c


#G armor 2 by Aaronj-c


#G armor 3 by Aaronj-c



I have even come up with my own holographic armour.

Operator suit by Aaronj-c


If anyone has any cosmetics they want to see write them here.


QOL, Bugs, Changes & Improvements

 There are some problems when using the operators plus somethings that could improve them as well so there needs to be some QOL/bugs/changes/improvements for them.

If their is something that I haven`t mentioned please add it on the post also bold writting means bugs/issues.

·       There is a delay between pressing the button and operator crouching.

·       Companion mods like animal instinct should work while in operator form not just warframes.

·       Two arcanes can be installed on amps.

·       Include the A, B & C slots for amps to give option to change amps, colours, equip arcanes and lenses.

·       Include the ability to change the face of the operators  in the slots of A, B & C.

·       Operators can ride on K-drives.


Warframe 20210429082619 by Aaronj-c

Warframe 20210429082852 by Aaronj-c


·       You can change operator visuals, focus trees and amps while in the simulacrum.

·       Give us the ability to customise the operator in captura.

·       Add an in-depth face customisation (nose length, eye width etc) and separate body sliders to change the length, width and height of the operators.

·       Add different voices for operators (from different ethnicities) and have a slider to manipulate the sound to make it unique to your operator.

·       Sentinels are invulnerable while you`re in operator mode.

·       If you extract with your operator, the operator is what you will see getting onto the ship.

·       You can open lockers and switch to synthesis scanner while moving.

·       If you have vacuum mod on your sentinel or companion and you are in your operator form, the operator should be able to pick up items.

·       You should be able to use operators in the relays.

·       Give operators new idle animations.

·       Make the cursor more visible on amps.


Operator 1 by Aaronj-c

·       Make operators be able to use all emotes.

·       Give the ability to switch to scanner while running.

·       Remove the long delay between doing a hard landing and when you start moving again.

·       Make it where you are able to view the emotes while using operators on the menu screen.

·       Remove knockdown from amps and use the knockdown system for when they receive it from enemies.

·       Fix the bug where operators with black hair looks white when sitting at the back of the ship.



Op3 by Aaronj-c


·       Fix the bug where the scaffold that`s on your amp is clipped into the amp.


Amp Bug by Aaronj-c


What I want out of Duviri Paradox

Based on the trailer and from people talking I have concluded that it is an open world where the operators can go to like somewhat of a haven for them.

Here is what I would like to see from this update:


·       An interesting quest that’s similar to the war within that`s about the operators and their origin.

·       Some interesting gameplay elements the evolve around manipulating time and dimensions like a dimensional rift similar to Limbo`s abilities

·       Operators have improved movement and combat system.

·       They have the ability to use their own void melee weapons.

·       Operators only can set foot on duviri.

·       Have game-modes that evolve around the operators and the focus schools.

·       A new focus school that are specialist in killing sentience.

·       Operators can use armour pieces and syandanas.

·       They have customised the idle animation.

·       There are more hair style options and new hair ornaments.

·       Necromechs can be used on duviri.

·       Vendors selling new amps, new suits, armour pieces, syandanas, new arcanes and idle animations as well as new necromechs and weapons.

·       New NPCs and enemies.

·       Operators have body slider to change their appearance.

·       Operators can interact and use somethings that the warframe can like fishing and mining tools.

·       Operators can use perform all emote animations as warframes.

·       Duviri is filled with creatures walking around (like in horizon) and NPC to interact with.

·       Game-modes that are given to the operators for the six main syndicated or a new operator syndicate that give you daily or weekly missions based on their creed to complete.

·       NPC`s in the open world of duviri that provide mini games for the operators e.g.

·       Have a game-mode where you have to hunt for the creatures in duviri but not like the boring conservation, where you get to hunt them down like in Horizon zero dawn.

·       You have the ability to fast travel based on the markers players put down.

·       Operators can now use K-drives.

·       There is a raid game-mode for operators where all the focus schools have a use in that game-mode.

·       Echoes of umbra is a thing, maybe even operators can move around while using your warframe.

·       Operators can perform transference on the creatures residing in duviri. A cheetah, snake bird, worm looking creature that can be used for travel to attack or travel to places that operators cannot.

·       Codex entries that give lore about the operators that you can search for there and music items to search for.

·       The open world of duviri evolves around the movement of the operators.

·       Operators to be replaces with warframe in conclave and for some new game-modes for.

·       The dash from the chimera prologue has a use in the open world.

·       What DE said about ayatan sculptures finally has a part to play.

·       Bugs that the operators have are fixed.


And that`s it I’m finally done, if there is anything I forget to add or you want out of the operators feel free to express them here and let’s have a discussion.

If all these things were to be implemented it will make operators more than a tool for warframe and make them have a firm place in warframe to make doing things like this enjoyable.

Operator charecters by Aaronj-c



Operator Narissa with blades by Aaronj-c

Edited by (PSN)Vexx757
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The very first thing that needs to happen, in my opinion, is less clumsy controls. In theory, Operator Void Dash is one of the most powerful traversal tools in the game due to the long distance it covers and how many Dashes we can chain together. However, it has limited use in complex interior terrain due to the energy limitation and the controls for activating it are just uncomfortable. Void Mode itself is a terrible design idea, straight-up replacing movement controls with a completely different set - no slide, no jump, only Dash. Outside of Void Mode, Operators have no mobility. They have a small hop that's just about good for clearing street curbs and also a slow waddle. That's it.

I'm personally of the opinion that Void Mode straight-up needs to go - if not entirely, then at least off the crouch key. We've said this a lot, but Operators could use standard Warframe/Archwing/Necramech abilities. Maybe put Void Mode on one of those, open crouch for a slide of some kind and just give Operators better mobility. I absolutely agree that they should have a double jump. I'm perfectly fine with keeping their void dash. Not sure about wall running. But in any case - the controls for all of this need to be less clumsy. Ideally, Operator balance should also not encourage them to stay in permanent intangibility/invisibility mode, either.

Yes, I agree that Operators need proper melee with proper melee weapons. They don't have to be physical weapons, either. Go the route of Amps and give them Psylocke-style "psi-blades" of different configurations and visuals. Get rid of Void Blast entirely (or refactor it into a Mote Melee Amp) and give them actual weapons. They don't have to be complex with lots of weird combos. One combo per Operator melee weapon is fine. Definitely let them perform stealth finishers and ground finishers.

And finally, please let us mod our Operator gear - Amp, basic stats, etc. After years of failed experiments, I think it's time to admit that the existing modding framework just works and we can stop trying to reinvent the wheel. For as much as people complain about Forma and polarity and such, the Railjack Plexus just works better, easier and more intuitively as a modding UI than it ever did as "Avionics." Operator weapons and base stats suck ass because we can't really mod them much at all. Sure, their weapons have absurd base stats, like 9000 damage on some of the amps, but... I can do 9000 damage per hit with an automatic weapon dealing 20 base damage on my Warframe due to mods.

Let's hope Duviri - if/when that happens - brings us some major, structural changes to Operators.

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I agree with @Steel_Rook. I've heard people say Operator mobility is good because they can go from point A to point B fast, but their movement is extremely stiff. Void Dash takes you a set distance and... that's that. Void Mode is also too good - it's free, on-demand invisibility and invulnerability, which makes good Operator fighting revolve around holding down the crouch button rather than movement. Void mode as is serves as a catch-all. 

I'd rework the Operator so that they have a bunch of baseline powers you can work with, similar to Destiny's jump customisation except going all the way. For one, rebind Void Mode to Reload (Kiddo's not using that), and nerf it to just stealth, maybe not even a complete invisibility. It's too catch-all, like I said. Either way you START with Void Dash, a basic stealthy Void Mode and Void Blast, but it doesn't stay that way. Once you're out of the fortress and visit Onkko,  you unlock a couple new powers. Nothing crazy - a completely new power and some new Void Modes. The new power's the same way. It's just a flat upgrade to your slide where it makes you invisible for a second or two after using it, with a short cooldown (on the invisibility).

As you continue to level, you get new, cool options that are genuinely meaningful. You gain new dodge options - a mid-range teleport that's better for evading damage, but has a brief cooldown similar to Outriders Phantom Dash or a dash which sends you straight forward in whatever direction you choose like a free, micro-ranged void dash. You get more 'active' movement choices that replace void dash - a high speed sprint like Gauss's mach rush, a proper blink teleport, an Aegis-Storm like hover. And your void modes get more fancy too. Perhaps a void mode that lets you travel at full sprint speed and keep firing but you can't jump whilst it's active? A void mode that extends a defensive shield? Maybe options that replace the 'void mode' as a buff and are instead new active abilities, like a to-enemy dash, a powerful attack or some kind of decoy?


Operators being a highly customisable skill monkey compared to the meaty lightning bruiser Warframe or slow and rigid Necramech seems like a decent niche.

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Double jump? maybe the grown operator could do that but I would rather preffer a charged jump pretty much like the K-Drive's but requiring less time to charge.

Weapons would be something interesting but I think that the most needed change is the fashion, we need decent pants, syandanas, actual hoods, face masks, armors (enemies/syndicates armors) and so on.

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In my opinion, the lack of mobility is a good point that both translate what they are in the lore, and encourage the Operator/Warframe swap much more.
Even if they need some adjustement, the way Operators are built make them an amazing support tool if used correctly in synergy with your Warframe, which make it an additional part of the gameplay instead of just being a choice between playing Operators or playing Warframes.

So, what they need isn't an overall buff to make them viable on their own, but more utility that make them worth using in combination with your Warframe for a greater outcome.

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8 hours ago, (PSN)Vexx757 said:

Edge Grab: Although operators can perform this, It`s not reliable. The only thing I’ll say is it needs to be more consistent for it to be useable.

To be honest all "edge grabs" or any "bulges" should be removed. This game is not designed in this kind of thing in mind. I, from time to time, "grab an edge" or fall on "small bulge" by accident.

It's not nice.


Speed increase and wall running would be nice but what's the point of this and other things? I've just finished first Mirror's edge. The things you described (wall running, edge grab, flying kick etc) are like from this game. In my opinion it works nice when there are not many enemies. When they introduced more enemies the game became much slower. Enemies likes to be in group and in this game we have "hordes". It's just faster to grab a gun and kill them. I heard that in the Catalyst (2nd game) you can push enemu at another one to deal with group of enemies however I haven't played it yet.


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IMHO, OP misunderstand what the operator actually is. which is an operator of warframes and necramechs, which in turn can jump, dash, run, sprint, and kill everything in sight with a press of a button. The operator has exclusive and specific powers, includling invincibility, specific damage types, and is completely unique with optional and different parts of the game play. I am not sure it is appropriate to change this quite radically. However, adding some new powers and interesting interactions with frames or mechs might be of interest.

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21 hours ago, lukinu_u said:


This where I disagree, ppl talk about their mobility making sense and yes I get it but does it work in gameplay? No coz if it did more ppl would be playing the operators on their own so they need improvements in mobility. On top of that I don`t like them only being a tool for warframe, I want them to be good on they own and for that they needs survivability, better mobility abilities that works for them and melee weapons, think about it, imaging how useful Naramon would be if operators had melee weapons, they would be fun as heck.

Ppl forget that it`s a game and it`s meant to be fun and the state of the way operators are now could be better. I don`t care or like the current meta I play for fun if I played like everyone else I would be disappointed when a mod, a weapon or a warframe gets nerfed and end up wasting 6 forma on them so I don`t have the prob everyone has.

But back to the operators I don`t give a frig about it "making sense" as long as it works gameplay wise I'm good, this is a sci-fi game after all.

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I like the idea but I think we are going a little overboard.

Personally I'd like to see Operators able to equip Kitgun Secondaries and Zaws. With an option for the daggers swords and nikanas to be able to use upgraded stances. Daggers can use sword stances, Swords and Nikanas can use the 2 handed stances.

Be nice to have operators do meaningful damage like when we first awoke from the dream. Be able to come out and do giant fragging damage then zip out. We are technically a void nuke waiting to happen and it'd be kinda cool to have some of that... volatility reflected in operator gameplay.

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I like this. Not to bring other games too much into this, but it’d be neat if Operators had functionality a bit like Destiny’s Supers. Say each Focus school has its own special overpower ability with greater mobility and power, even if there was a limited duration.

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Operator Game-Modes has been added.

Also I'm added a new part called "operator cosmetics" which will be up tomorrow.


Operator Cosmetics has been added.


At the last minute I decided to add "What I want out of Duviri Paradox" on the contents and now I'm finally done. Please take a read and tell me what you think of what you want out of this.

Operator Narissa with blades by Aaronj-c


Imagine if their were operator suits that looked like this.


3a706d6319c343ba1217703d3429e4af by Aaronj-c

3a706d6319c343ba1217703d3429e4ag by Aaronj-c

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On 2021-04-28 at 10:31 PM, akots said:

IMHO, OP misunderstand what the operator actually is. which is an operator of warframes and necramechs, which in turn can jump, dash, run, sprint, and kill everything in sight with a press of a button. The operator has exclusive and specific powers, includling invincibility, specific damage types, and is completely unique with optional and different parts of the game play. I am not sure it is appropriate to change this quite radically. However, adding some new powers and interesting interactions with frames or mechs might be of interest.

I've had thought it'd be neat to have the schools fall into the 'crippling overspecialisation' school of balance, possibly with the exception of movement. Most Warframes are at least good at everything, and the two Necramechs are too, so having Operators be extremely good at one particular thing could help make them unique.

So, Madurai might be your DPS school, Zenurik could be an area denial specialist (I feel like them being the 'energy' school is a bit broken, in part because energy as a whole is a bit broken IMO), Naramon the stealth school, Unairu the tanking school and Vazarin the healing/support school. Granted, a lot of this would require playstyles other than nuke everything having space to be dominant, but that's kind of an issue that the whole game needs to deal with anyway.

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  • 3 weeks later...
3 hours ago, (PSN)Vexx757 said:


I've been looking at other posts about operators and I have been seeing you on them a lot which meant you love them as much as I do so I got to ask; why do you like the operators so much?

Several reasons. I think most prominently, I just like the narrative concept of them. The Operator is my avatar in the game world, a super-powered psychic child and the fixed point in the centre of everything I own and do. Even if she's not as powerful as the story suggests (Operators are VERY powerful in in-canon), I still like the idea of being able to use this cool concept in practice. As it stands right now, the idea is all we have. Everything else about Operators is clumsy, janky, under-designed, grindy and just outright unpleasant. I want to fix that, such that playing with my Operator doesn't feel like a chore.

Secondly, having the ability to swap to another character with their own distinct ability set in real time has tremendous potential. It could allow us as players to drastically vary our kit at a moment's notice, making for more interesting gameplay. It could also allow us to be in two places at once, potentially solving multiplayer puzzles by ourselves. Look at the Cooperation Drift. That's solvable by a single player right up to the end, and two people alone can solve the four-player requirement at the end. Combat-wise, as well, it could allow us to rapidly switch between different positions in order to force-flank enemies or escape from danger. Mission objective wise, we could exist in multiple places at one, with Operator guarding the objective while Warframe explores.

Finally, we already HAVE Operators in the game. It makes sense to ensure they're also fun to interact with, rather than just a listless vestige of an old update. This may be a sunk cost fallacy on my part, but it just seems like a waste to leave Operators in their current state. Sure, ideally they'd need major, massive core systems redesigns, but I'd be happy with even minor tweaks at this point. That's why I still hold out hope for Duviri.

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  • 5 weeks later...
On 2021-05-24 at 5:06 PM, Steel_Rook said:


Same i`m hoping that Duviri will revisit the operators drasticly since I posted this part later you might of not seen it but what do you think about the "What I want out of Duviri Paradox" section? do you have any thing to add to it?

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Sorry for the wait, I read this post quite some time ago, but I haven’t been able to write this out until very recently; I had been working through an online class & studying for a written Driving test (Passed both!), along with bug testing

I definitely agree with what you’ve thought of! But I would like to go into more detail on some of the things (In largely the same order), after looking back over everything.


Regarding Movement, I think that Operators’ sprint speed should go up as well. Although along with that and increasing their jump height (Or giving them double jumps), I think it should be a bit more visually represented. Since the Operator deals with / channels void energy, I think some of that could emanate from them as they move fast enough; Be it sprinting or from below them as they jump higher.

  • Speaking of jumps, I think it would be better if you could control your jump height, similar to the first Incredibles game from years ago (As an example); Holding the jump button for as long as you need to, rather than doing a full jump based on a small tap.


Using Void energy to their advantage (Visually) would also be a little more immersive as they perform a Wall run upwards or along a surface; In that they could be controlling their center of balance by holding a hand / arm out, with a faint amount of energy flowing outward. Sort of like countering gravity, in other words. As a result I imagine they’d have greater control on a surface compared to a Warframe performing the same maneuver, at the cost of some wall speed perhaps.

  • Ideally I think both Operators & their Warframes would benefit from the style of recovery that Operators have; Whenever certain Grineer or Corpus knock them down, it wouldn’t interrupt the flow of combat as much if the Frame or Operator could still “dodge” in whichever direction it came from instead of falling flat on their back / face.
    • Sure footed (& PSF), Handspring and other mods that deal with KD recovery speed, etc. probably wouldn’t be changed as a result of this; The knockdown itself would just look and feel better.


With Operators performing a flying kick, I think that it may help if they don’t fall down as fast in the process; Since by the time the kick ends as it is, you’re already on the ground. It may involve a change of animation during mid-air kicks, but void energy could help them stay aloft for a brief moment until they seamlessly land back on their feet.

  • It took me some time to find a decent example of that mid-kick animation;




Edge Grabs for Operators could do with a bit of polishing as well, and perhaps not force you to move forward; As an example, grabbing the edge of a stage in Smash gives you an option to either let go, climb up, or roll onto where the edge is. You could instead attack as you pull yourself up, but for an Operator in this case (With how Warframe might do it) a low-sweeping kick may not do a lot of damage.

  • That said, it may then serve a tactical use by knocking down any enemy who’s close enough to where you’re climbing up to, so they could get up slower than you, as an advantage. In theory, that would give Operator edge grabs a greater purpose, should the situation occur (Where there’s enemies in front of you as you coincidentally get up from an edge grab). Void mode could extend the range of that sweeping edge kick.


During Void Mode, I think it would be interesting if the reticle could show a point to dash to; I’d love to see Chimera Prologue-dashing again in the future! With zip line-running, I think they could bolster their movement (Visually) with Void energy as well; Perhaps that could explain an increase in jump height?


But there is one example I wanted to bring up regarding enemy vaulting:
Prince of Persia Warrior Within - All the combo's / combat moves


  • As for how this could apply to Operators (& their Frames?), it will likely need to be in an update to the movement system. Using the environment to your advantage, including enemies (Provided they don’t shoot you down first) may give you another option to melee or shoot at them while they have to adjust their aim or give chase.

    That said, Warframe is different from PoP, to be fair. It may technically be faster to just simply shoot or melee without using the environment, so this could be mostly focused towards improving an Operator’s traversal options. Especially if we don’t have access to all the usual options that Warframes have in Duviri, where we may have to take what we can find there.
    • Briefly speaking, I’d imagine that (As long as you aren’t kicked back into your Frame) an Operator could vault over an enemy and initiate their own version of a Parazon finisher, by shooting the enemy in the back from above mid-flip, or otherwise use their Amp to finish an enemy in other ways:

      ( These were the main examples I could find resembling certain Amp aspects! )

      A random vaulting-over finisher:

      From the front on an open target:

      If the enemy survives:



      • Not to get off-track too much though. Adding a vaulting option to Operators would add some variety to their flow of combat, and I’d be more than willing to wait for an Update involving them.


When it comes to the Focus system, I also agree with your changes and additions! Although changing the post’s text color to automatic would help with reading them. The most important part I noticed regarding disconnecting the nodes from each other is another good change, similar to the Skill tree in SSBU’s World of Light (First thought that came to mind); Of course the amount of Focus from the main pool you have to work with should be able to balance which skills you choose in particular.

  • That also raises an interesting question; What about some alternate effects done for Void Dashing and Void Blast? Would you be able to select multiple Void Blast / Dash nodes, or just be taking some from different schools at the same time? It would be interesting to see that when Duviri comes out, after the Operators are looked at!
  • Perhaps another way to go about it would be to select the alternate Void Mode & Blast effects / Dashes mid-mission, and show you your current remaining focus pool. I’m not exactly sure where the keybinding for that would be on PC, but on the Switch (& other consoles), perhaps this could be next to the Gear wheel button, bound to the left / right D-pad? In the Switch’s case, the left / right button on the left Joycon, as a reference.
  • Also fixing the inconsistency between Basilisk Scales’ text and the armor increase would be good as well; I noticed it on the Wiki, although I’m not sure if there are any other text corrections to be made.


I thought about Operator Melee weapons and combat as well too. Even dual-wielding amps, but in my case I originally thought you’d craft the hilt of the weapon, and equip it like an Amp.

  • In short summary, these were those thoughts;

    Currently Operators fight with Amps mainly; But what if they could wield an Amp on both hands at once? It could take up more energy in the process, but it could help make them a stronger force to be reckoned with. A secondary fire could launch a blast from the other hand, while the trigger button uses the dominant hand’s amp.

    • In a sense, this could make certain amps' Void Beams seem a little like Iron Man, in that there could be alternating fire from either amp. While one arm recovers, you could use more of the opposite arm.

    Expanding on their arsenal, Operator melee weapons. I've seen mention of a Void blade elsewhere on the forums, so you can craft the hilt of the weapon, and depending on the main part used, it determines the weapon type (Like with Zaws!). The Operator could generate a Void-based Katana or Machete-like sword, or if dual-wielding these "melee amps", Operators could (Pretend to be Elektra) use Void Sai.

    • Speaking of melee, perhaps a Void shield could be generated briefly to block enemy fire with a freed-up hand.



The last point in the hidden bit ^ there is important; What if we could set which of our Operator’s hands are dominant? They could be a lefty instead of a right-handed Amp wielder as they all are currently! That small option would add a little bit more personalization with our Operators, I think.

  • One possible issue with this could be Amp / Melee-amp stances, if they happened to be dependent on which arm has the Amp. Well, when the time comes at least we’ll have to see :)
  • That being said, if you had two Amps with their own Arcanes and fine-tuned damage individually, Dual wielding them could / may need to have a bit of reduced base damage in order to balance that out. Logically speaking, this can be explained by the increased energy and attention needed by the Operator to handle shooting alternating attacks, so each one may be weaker than they would be otherwise.
    • Not sure how that would apply to Melee-amps however, now that I think about it.


In the Void Melee Weapons section however, I think it might be good to place the Void Daggers’ image in a new hidden section there, to organize it better. Unless there was a different reason why it was under Naramon? It’s up to you though, just food for thought :)

  • Similarly though, on a dark mode screen it is rather hard to look at the Traits of Melee weapons without highlighting over the white background. Those seem like very interesting aspects though!
    • Perhaps in the event the Focus system was looked at again & Void Melee was introduced, it could help expand the Focus school trees, since technically every School’s image has a lot of empty space around the ends of their branches.


I am curious about the Zenurik slide’s cone angle being 180° though; How would that look if you’re sliding on the floor? Does it lift up enemies below the floor as well?

  • (With it being 180°, I was imagining a hard-shell taco lifting up enemies, with the top-part of the taco facing forward basically)


Using Naramon’s Void blocking on Sentients might be a liiiittle overpowered, in that their invulnerability is completely gone. However if we went to the Tau system, and we were completely surrounded by groups of Sentient enemies then it will definitely even the odds.


I also like the idea of Void rage, though I think it could be more useful if you can choose when to use it, after filling up the gauge. But having it activate automatically could be a way to balance it, on the other hand. Even if Void rage wasn’t a thing I would really like to try Void Melee weapons.


Regarding Operator Game modes, perhaps this could be another mode offered by Teshin? It could be thought of as him training us for The New War perhaps.

  • I actually pictured Operation Havoc happening somewhere on Ceres in my head; If it had a free roam area roughly the size of PoE or a bit smaller, I could see the enemy stronghold being placed there amongst the shipyards.
    • I could see this as an actual Operation someday, perhaps even an Operator Raid (I never got to try Warframe’s raids, but I think they sound interesting)


I also thought that if NPCs were to offer missions for Focus, it might be a benefit if the Focus earned from those missions could not count towards the daily cap of Focus, but add to your Focus beyond that similar to Syndicate Medallions. If anyone happened to max their Focus gains in a single day, it would still give them an extra thing to do :)

  • Otherwise these missions would have to give quite a good chunk of Focus to make up for the lack of a Focus Lens, hypothetically speaking.


As for Conclave, I haven’t tried it too much apart from a few games of Lunaro, but in the future I would like to see an expansion on what modes are offered (Maybe if there were some DE staff who were working on that independently from everyone else on the Main game?).

  • If it helps for some inspiration, I discovered these two reddit posts pertaining to new modes!
  • In case more new modes are offered, perhaps Teshin could rotate through them similar to Arbitrations and the rotation in Splatoon 2 (As an example). As someone suggested on those Reddit posts, increasing the rewards with a sizable amount of credits / redeemable Conclave medallions (Just an idea akin to other Syndicates) would add more incentive to try these modes, apart from the gameplay.
    • I’ll have to think on an Operator-specific mission though, Conclave or otherwise. It may take some time.


One of my favorite parts, Operator Cosmetics. Thanks for including my thread in your post by the way; If there’s even one new addition coming for Operators aside from aging them up a bit in Duviri, I hope it’ll include letting our Operators wear the Armor and Syandanas used by Warframes.

  • As it stands, I think that our Crew members offer the greatest ease of customization in the game, since they also include the ability to drag and drop colors. However unlike Warframes Crew members cannot display Emblems with their Armor. Naturally, in the event you could someday wear available Armor on your Operator, why not include shoulder Emblems?
  • As far as ideas go, an ideal look for my Operator (Currently using the Commodore Prime upper body & Hood (Closed), and Saita Prime sleeves / legs) would include the TennoCon 2021 shoulder armor and Atavist Prime knee armor, along with the Deru Syandana. Or perhaps the TennoCon 2020 Syandana :)
  • I like that idea for Armor that you have too!

    Perhaps a couple of other resource-based armor sets could include Cryotic (For an icy / reflective look; Might be nice on Gara Prime?), or an armor set made with Void traces, to sort of look like it’s repeatedly phasing between our plane and the Void. It’d be an interesting use for those who don’t need to use the Helminth or have finished their Dojo research.


Regarding the Operator QoL additions / Bugs, etc. I think that’s a good list! I’ll try to keep track of any Operator-related bugs I come across. I’ll just have to gather some more information when that time comes.

  • If I’m not mistaken, I think Operators already can use all the emotes, actually :)
  • I would love to see that scaffold bug fixed as well though; Is there a comparison somewhere showing what it looks like before they got rotated?

When it comes to the Duviri Paradox, at the very least I suppose I’d just like it to meet, if not exceed the original expectations / vision that there was when it had first been revealed.

Although personally, I think it would be amazing to have new things introduced based on the original trailer, such as that Horse as a faster travel option than the operator running around on foot (In case our Warframes, and therefore AW are unusable within the region). Thinking back to it, I’ve got a few more points off the top of my head;

  • First of all, providing a solid explanation for why our Frames may be unusable; Which the quest, etc.’s writing can weave into everything else there, so this might go without saying :)
  • Maybe take the Lore from various Codex entries, anything that’s relevant and connect it altogether. I’ve scanned nearly all the Cephalon fragments, but I’m waiting to read up on them until I complete them all, so I’m not exactly sure what can be drawn from at the moment.
  • I’m pretty sure the Zariman 10-0 was shown in that trailer, so I hope the ship and the landscape are pretty big! It would certainly be a major awe-factor to take in. Not to go off-topic, but I’ve had a similar feeling from BotW and Xenoblade 2, as an example (The nice feeling from a lot of new exploration, not specifically comparing the landscape sizes).
    • That being said, going by the Orb Vallis as the largest, I’d hope that DP may be at least that wide to explore, if not a bit farther. The next thing to consider (& hope for) is that the locations within the area should be referenced or otherwise utilized, rather than being mere landmarks. The Pearl in the Orb Vallis hasn’t been used for anything story-specific if I’m not mistaken, so that’s kinda what I’m talking about; A place that really stands out, but no presented explanation with it.

      Unless the Fortuna Mem fragments reference those locations, in which case that’s great! It’d be something other Open worlds should do as well, hypothetically.
  • If it turns out we’ll be “aging” or “maturing” our Operators somehow, I really hope that we can decide how we’d look once they’re older. Such as that body slider idea for different things, maybe even a slider that affects how our chosen voice sounds (If it got lighter or deeper?). Of course an audio slider to find a spot between two of the voices would be ideal!
    • I’m just curious if this process will be integrated into that quest itself, similar to the end of the Second Dream. Of course I’d expect it to happen at or near the beginning of the DP quest, in this case.
  • Perhaps the Golden Maw can return for this, if we need to recover our Void powers somehow. With those being stripped away for a while, perhaps that can even lead into a Focus 3.0? Food for thought.
    • It could be that the Operator will have to improvise without those powers, thus leading to obtaining that Horse. Upon recovery, maybe that’ll open up dual wielding Amps or Void melee weapons, if not a bit of both! Might be an interesting segue into the new way of doing things.
  • Once we’re largely through the quest, maybe it can provide some hints as to what comes next? I think in the timeline of the story, Duviri is the farthest thing we’ve been shown, so I’m also curious what would be after that. Perhaps visiting the Tau system, with an entirely new star chart to go through?
    • In this case, I’d say with maybe half as many mission nodes (Unless the Tau System doesn’t rely on nodes?). But that could even lead to a Sentient-based open world, perhaps. Though I’m trying not to think too far ahead.
  • Connecting the Duviri landscape to the other Open world areas would be pretty good (Via the Railjack, or Void gates found in the region?), when it’s all said and done. This may help them feel less island-y, as [DE]Steve mentioned once (At least I think he did).
  • The last thing I can think of off the top of my head is for the Duviri Paradox / quest to be replayable. There’s a few Frames’ quests (Revenant, Inaros, etc.) I haven’t done because of that; I just think it would be nice to go through the story more than once, if possible. Let alone any minimal Codex scan opportunities.


There is one more thought I had though; Since there’s Quill Onkko and Little Duck for Amp stuff, what if Deimos had some kind of Infested (Or Entrati-forged (Orokin)) Amp parts for the Operator? It may give them more of a purpose there beyond the Necralisk, I would think. Or at least creating more variety in Amp building.

  • Perhaps Father could repurpose some small Necramech parts and construct an Amp out of those :)


It took some time to finish writing this, but thanks for hearing me out on it. I’m looking forward to when more can be done with them.

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On 2021-04-28 at 10:23 AM, Loza03 said:

and nerf it to just stealth, maybe not even a complete invisibility. 

Invisibility alone doesn't do much in the game to begin with. You still get deleted. The point of it being invulnerability AND invisibility is that A) You're on a different plane of existence and B) The Tenno has a naturally low health pool and it gives them utility. Making it invulnerability only would be fine I guess, but would kinda not make sense. Making it invisibility only would present the problem that invulnerability exists to solve. 

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1 hour ago, (PSN)Rainbow_Neos1 said:

Invisibility alone doesn't do much in the game to begin with. You still get deleted. The point of it being invulnerability AND invisibility is that A) You're on a different plane of existence and B) The Tenno has a naturally low health pool and it gives them utility. Making it invulnerability only would be fine I guess, but would kinda not make sense. Making it invisibility only would present the problem that invulnerability exists to solve. 

My experience does not match your own.

Invisibility prevents enemies from targeting you whatsoever. In solo especially, it and invulnerability may as well be one and the same. The situations in which a player will get killed after activating void mode are edge-case scenarios at best. Besides, getting killed in Operator mode is presently a slap on the wrist at worst.

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5 hours ago, Loza03 said:

My experience does not match your own.

Invisibility prevents enemies from targeting you whatsoever. In solo especially, it and invulnerability may as well be one and the same. The situations in which a player will get killed after activating void mode are edge-case scenarios at best. Besides, getting killed in Operator mode is presently a slap on the wrist at worst.

Considering I see Loki's die while invisible, I can confirm they are not the same. AoE damage is AoE damage. One napalm or Infested puddles will one shot your operator later on. Sure, if playing solo, it's not a problem; but if you're trying to balance operator around solo play, I think we have bigger problems. Of course our experiences are different. We likely don't do the same things in the game. 

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Making Stone skin give 300 armor is absurd. That's minimum 60% mitigation yo all frames. It would also end up giving 85%+ mitigation to operator when combined with the 500% Armor buff. In conclusion, I'm not sure you understand armor. 150 armor in itself is quite a bit. 

Side note: According to the wiki, the basilisk scales already gives 500% Armor scaling with Magus husk and stone skin. I'll test this for accuracy soon. 

Edited by (PSN)Rainbow_Neos1
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I'd rather DE handle this. There's a few good ideas but I don't want all the bad stuff mixed in. 

7 hours ago, Loza03 said:

My experience does not match your own.

Invisibility prevents enemies from targeting you whatsoever. In solo especially, it and invulnerability may as well be one and the same. The situations in which a player will get killed after activating void mode are edge-case scenarios at best. Besides, getting killed in Operator mode is presently a slap on the wrist at worst.

Splash damage.

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2 hours ago, (PSN)Rainbow_Neos1 said:

Considering I see Loki's die while invisible, I can confirm they are not the same. AoE damage is AoE damage. One napalm or Infested puddles will one shot your operator later on. Sure, if playing solo, it's not a problem; but if you're trying to balance operator around solo play, I think we have bigger problems. Of course our experiences are different. We likely don't do the same things in the game. 

Most AoE splashs are at most 7 meters, and Napalm and Infested Puddles won't be aimed at you so you have time and space to avoid damage and have clear indicators so if you walk into them, it's your own fault. Unless you're constantly standing next to other, visible players, you're not in danger in 99% of circumstances.

The only real possible exception is on the new Corpus Cruiser, since everything there has AoE for some reason. But that's a more broadly poor design decision.

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  • 3 weeks later...


I appreciate you replaying so since you put the effort in, so i`ll try to reply to it as much as I can. Also, just a tip, use the spoiler box more to split up your points and make it easy for ppl to read like what I’m doing below.


 If you look at the second GIF I think that should be the base sprint speed, idm if the jump hight is a hold or a double jump as long as they can jump higher and further. If you`re talking about void energy like the running streeks like in the running GIFs (or like excel`s old super jump ability) then yes since they are made up of the void it makes sense besides for something to be fun it also includes how it looks visually does it not?

Visually the wall run can be like in the tron game in 2010 also the can hang on the wall like warframes can.

Operators need to have knockdown recovery, one they don`t have survivability and like you said it will help the flow of combat and secondly it looks cool to watch.

Fly-kick is something the warframe have but don`t get used despite it being useful but because the operators are not as powerful as warframes it makes sense for them to have it which will be useful in combat, if they were to be able to float it would have to be either 1 or half a sec, any longer and they will be open to attack.

In the edge grab animation on a wf after it gets ready to vault if you press the jump button at the right time it will make you jump higher which rewards timing the better the timing the higher you jump.

The chimera prologue dash mechanic could be used in the plains of duviri as a way for operators to trave or a mechanic that can be used in a game-mode, thinking about they should be able to jump up while they are on a zipline. 

Yes, this is great for them to have the animations form pop but tbh I would rather the combat from DMC or the old GOW.

I was thinking that also they could have their own finisher animation with the melee weapons when enemy’s health gets to at least lowered by half, it least you get the option to either do the finisher or continue to attack them.


Void melee weapons

My idea of them using melee is since they have void powers, they could create an image of a weapon they want to use then form the weapon using void energy where they can summon it at will which I strongly think this should be a thing.

Yes your idea of a hilt is a good way to go about it, which also fit with my idea of “create an image of a weapon”, this hilt could help with manifesting it, I do believe their weapons should have their own stances but to decide what weapon you want to use you have to equip a melee stance mod in the hilt.

Your idea about the shield sounds interesting but with my idea of the void melee blocking damage makes this idea not needed.

The only thing I feel operators should dule wield is dule wielding weapons not melee and amps, it`s best to leave that to the wfs.

I`m not opposed to the idea of void melee having an archan slot but with the abilities i`ve given them I don`t think they are necessary to have.

I just put the dagger in their just to show what I would like for it to look and that the dagger is one of its signature weapon for Naramon.

Tbh i`m not sure about the angle, just think of it like frosts 2nd ability which will hold enemies up, it only enemies that is hit by the wave but it does ignore los.

I don`t think it would be op since its only if they are attacking them, plus it`s a 60% chance and it will give them an edge in dealing with them. 

You can choose when to use void rage after the gauge is full, since DE said this is going to be a thing I through to add my idea of it.


Operator game-modes

I would like if all the syndicates in some sort of way give operator only missions.

Yes I can see that, when I cam up with operation havoc I thought of a dark atmosphere  and to start the mission the team has to run to the fortress in the distance, maybe every hour the faction changes or maybe just make a new game-mode with different factions. On thing I will add is in the mission section in the codex, there are instructions on how to play and what to do (since the old raids never explained anything).

The best thing about this is not everyone can play it, it`s a milestone where you have to get access to the focus schools and to complete most of the nodes within the schools and as you can see all the focus schools have a use in each mission so everyone get a chance to be useful. This is an example of making mission that evolve around the character you`re using which is something DE need to do. Also do you have any idea of what rewards can drop in this gamemode?

Even through I would like the other syndicates to offer operator missions, I would also like a syndicate exclusive to operators, offering operator only missions that offer focus with medallions that you have to search for, having operator only rewards from armour pieces to weapons, that would be cool.

It will offer a mission and based on the description of the mission you have to decide which focus school you will have to use, if you chose the right focus school you will get bonus rewards.



When it comes to conclave I think only operators should be used their, it will address most of the issues with it.

I have come up with some game-modes for operators in conclave:


·        You play as the operator and you are with other operators and you have to search for six parts for your necromech, once you find them you have to repair it, get in it and annihilate the operators.

·       At the start operators can`t use any weapons or any focus school abilities except the way-bound passives.

·       Void dash is disabled.

·       When searching for the necromech parts it makes a sound when you’re near them.

·       At this time, you can also find three pickups in hidden areas where you can activate it from your gear wheel. One gives you the ability to void dash for 20 seconds, one makes you able to cast a decoy to where the person using the necromech can`t see the difference and a pickup that gives the necromech an explosive weapon for them to use for 20 seconds.

·       The parts are colour coded (red, orange, yellow, blue, green and purple)

·       You can pick up a necromech part of a colour you have picked up before.

·        K-drive racing that is similar to sega allstars racing or mario karts



Here is another game-mode I came up with for conclave where you play as the operator and you are with other operators and you have to search for six parts for your necromech, once you find them you have to repair it, get in it and annihilate the operators tell me what you think.

Let me explain how this works:


·       At the start operators can`t use any weapons or any focus school abilities except the way-bound passives.

·       Void dash is disabled.

·       When searching for the necromech parts it makes a sound when you’re near them.

·       At this time, you can also find three pickups in hidden areas where you can activate it from your gear wheel. One gives you the ability to void dash for 20 seconds, one makes you able to cast a decoy to where the person using the necromech can`t see the difference and a pickup that gives the necromech an explosive weapon for them to use for 20 seconds.

·       The parts are colour coded (red, orange, yellow, blue, green and purple)

·       You can pick up a necromech part of a colour you have picked up before.

·       You can’t use the mini map to find the parts however if you go near a necromech part you don`t need, it will be marked on the mini map for other players to find.

·       To repair it you use the mining tool.

·       If a person repairs and gets into the necromech everyone else that doesn’t find their parts yet will have a 20% movement speed increase for 10 seconds and the necromech parts will be shown on the mini map.

·       At this time operators will have their amps and focus school abilities unlocked to defend themselves form the necromechs.

·       Also at this point, operators can now attack each other with amps and void abilities. Operators won`t get downed but instead get knocked down with a slow knockdown recovery.

·       You have to destroy the necromech first then take out the operators and the operator that is taken out is out of the game and the one that`s left standing is the winner.


Just to add from what we saw from tennocon I have the operators have some involvement with some new abilities or mechanics, sorry it took so long but here it is.



I saw your post about operators wearing syandanas and I totally agree, since you like operators take a look at this post and tell me what you think.

Edited by (PSN)Vexx757
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I think this is very intriguing, and I agree with the majority of your ideas. Having a special Operator-only mission with some rewards like for example: About 2,000-10,000 endo, bonus focus, and/or some Lenses would make Operator more useful for things like that. I do agree that the combat is more lacking than the Warframes, and I hope that get's changed eventually too. The Void melee weapons in an interesting idea, and as cool as that would be, I personally don't think an angsty kid could be responsible with a sword. (Unless it's very light, and they know how to use one because of operating Warframes). With Conclave, I agree because I've only been in it once, and since I was so confused at what to do I kept dying and had to abort. Generally, I do agree with almost everything, and I think there should be changes. (I hope you appreciate me showing my perspective on your suggestions, and that some of your ideas actually happen).

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  • (PSN)Vexx757 changed the title to Op/Dr won`t be getting melee

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